Apartments in Florida are selling better than at home

16.11.2010 16:04
Investors enjoy favorable conditions for buying real estate. Russians are often interested in the real estate of this state, but about any boom, however.<br /><br />According to Florida Association of Realtors, in the third quarter of this year, sales of ready condominiums rose by 15% over the same period last year and amounted to 16,938 transactions across the state. The average sales price was $ 84,000, which is 21% less than last year's average price of $ 106,000, according to Real Estate Channel.<br /><br />As the economic recovery of Florida, improved labor market situation and the real estate market should do the same. Falling prices of condominiums continues to attract local and foreign buyers, who tend to take the opportunity to purchase housing at a reduced price.<br /><br />Meanwhile, home sales in the secondary housing market decline: 41 122 objects were sold in the third quarter of this year, up 7% higher than the previous year (44.451 object). Just 7%, decreased the average price of homes: from $ 145.300 to $ 135.200. However, the sale of property seized for the debts and other problematic objects distort the data on the average price, because in most case, this property has been sold at a deep discount.<br /><br />Despite the fact that the U.S. took sixth place in the ranking of the interest of Russian buyers, a large number of transactions involving the Russians on the U.S. housing market is not seen. In this Florida resort is the "proposed" Russian buyer over the country.<br /><br />According to experts on the real estate market in the U.S. Natalia Dudko (Company Your Choice Property Inc.) And Mikhail Romanovsky (company MGR Global Realty, Inc.), Buying real estate in the U.S. - a simple and straightforward procedure. Possible purchase of real estate without a buyer's arrival in the U.S..<br /><br />To do this, issue a special power of attorney through the U.S. embassy in Russia for the trustee in the U.S.. Real estate tax is typically 1-5% of the appraised value, depending on the location of property and the requirements of the state. Taxation of income from rent depends on income and costs associated with maintaining the property in good condition.<br /><br />If there is a desire to become a U.S. citizen, then formally the existence of real estate is not a factor, though it may indicate the financial stability of the applicant and can be taken into consideration, along with many other necessary factors.<br /><a href=" "> </a><br />
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