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28.03.2011 00:00
Articles about real estate | Apartments for unusual projects Buyers of premium real estate are becoming more demanding on the proposed options and all the pedantic approach to the choice of housing. Therefore, the experienced developers in new projects pay special attention to the original idea and innovative solutions. As a result, the market appears atypical apartments, which differ from the bulk of his "zest", "chips" and "bells and whistles."

Not like everyone else

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Non-standard apartments in our country began when the housing market did not exist. It is true that in Soviet times, they can be counted on the fingers. "Fancy apartments can be found in any segment, if it is not typical house. For example, in "Stalin" on Frunze have an apartment with a staircase that leads from the front door properly into the apartment - a format common in Europe, but Moscow is a gimmick. At the Ponds is a two-storey apartment on the first floor, it has its own private entrance, - says Irina Mogilatova, General Director of TWEED.

Examples of atypical dwellings include apartments in pre-revolutionary apartment house in the Big Gnezdnikovsky Lane and Nirnzee house next door - for the time they were sverhperedovymi, for example, the kitchen they were not anticipated at all. "It was assumed that residents will eat in the dining room. On the one hand it is an obvious disadvantage, on the other - a unique home that for many undeniable plus ", - adds Irina Mogilatova. And at the ends of the house, located at: Leninsky Prospekt, 26 are apartments, each with its own veranda of about 20 sq. km. m. They can arrange a barbecue area, or to arrange a winter garden.

Bold ideas

Nowadays, construction companies are also erecting original designs with bold ideas and non-standard "raisins." I must say that they all belong to the segment housing the highest price category. However, the brave enthusiasts are not so many, even here, which is understandable. Firstly, to build an atypical housing, the developer must be confident in its demand. "If you miss the expectations of consumers, it is likely" freeze "the proposal indefinitely. Therefore, many companies prefer to minimize the risks, limited in their projects than an apartment, "- shares his experience Lyudmila Potapova, Director of Sales GUTA-Development".

Sell ??a standard apartment is much easier because it can find more buyers. However, the presence of "widgets" offered for sale in square meters can significantly increase the cost of the latter, which in turn encourages developers to implement such projects. And this raises the second issue, due to which the developers often prefer simple apartment flat with "chips". "Such a proposal is usually limited. But when some "Fennec" there is demand, there is an opportunity to satisfy it. Although qualitative "chips" are doing extremely advanced developers who implement them intelligently. This requires knowledge and experience of successful projects "- warns Lyudmila Potapova. In other words, newcomers construction market creative and wild imagination are simply too tough.

It's time to experiment

Luxury real estate market in Moscow is still very young, and youth, as you know, it's time to experiment. True, not always similar architectural experiments end successfully. So, in 2002 in the heart of the capital on the street Mashkov, 1 / 11, near the subway "Kursk" was built "house-egg" in the form of Faberge eggs. It is merely a flat area of ??342 square meters. m. Moreover, the ceiling under the dome of four-story apartment painted scenes on religious themes. Almost immediately after the completion of the "House-egg" has acquired a mysterious buyer, who wished to remain anonymous. But after a while a house was put up for sale. Alas, the new owner still has not reappeared. Obviously, the developer simply too smart with the concept - very few people want to live in such a specific structure. "We need to understand that the original project, the more difficult to find a buyer who is willing to pay not only the square footage, but their singularity. In addition, the tastes of the architect, embodied the project and future residents of the home must also be matched "- shares his experience Anastasia Tsumanova, an analyst at WELHOME.

There are also more successful examples. So, earlier this year in conjunction elite mansions "Italian Quarter" began selling exclusive apartments ranging from 150 to 300 square meters. m with terraces ranging from 20 to 60 square meters. m. In Moscow, terraces are usually located on the upper floors of luxury homes, that is in the penthouses, which are sold to the highest possible price. In the Italian quarter "terraced apartments are located on the middle floors of the houses, so they are more accessible in price. "The biggest problem of terraced houses - it smells rising from the lower floors upstairs. Therefore, we designed a terraced "radius", which not only form the architectural uniqueness of the project, but also solve the problem of ventilation. That they are built devices that solve the problem with cleaning the air in enclosed patio and the absorption of odors, "- says Lyudmila Potapova.

In the attic

It should be noted that in recent years to the Ancient especially popular lofts. Loft in translation to English means "attic". In the West, the format of housing has long taken root in Russia, he only comes into vogue. Classic loft is a spacious apartment, located in a former industrial building: it can be a factory, warehouse or storage room. Feature of the loft is the ceiling height, which sometimes reaches 10 meters. Among other characteristics - rough walls, large windows, exposed metal beams and the elements of engineering communications: wiring, ventilation, heating. At the moment, lofts available in projects such as "Red October", "Danilovskaya Manufacture 1867», The Loft and the Art House. and "In fact, unusual housing is not so much on the market. With each year of such proposals is getting smaller: the tumultuous time fantasies give way to thoughtful and sequenced by design, as in the external appearance of houses, and in the interiors of apartments ", - complains Anastasia Tsumanova.

Experts predict that the price in the primary market of Moscow real estate this year will grow by 12-15%. And the price of apartments with "raisins", taking into account a possible ban construction of new housing within the TTC can grow significantly. "Requirements for buyers to housing at an elite market tightened, so today is not so easy to sell even just an elite apartment. In this case, "the pearl of the market" sold fairly quickly. In cases where the design of the project actually conceived and created by renowned designers, to find a buyer much easier "- sums up Anastasia Tsumanova. The success of any project depends on the quality and reasonableness of its concept.

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