Apartments at auction: a mirror stagnant real estate market

19.10.2010 13:44
Apartments at auction: a mirror stagnant real estate market Most of the apartments offered for housing auctions in Minsk, yet (or have) does not find a buyer. And those that are sold, "leave" at the lowest possible price - starting price + 5%. The crisis in the real estate market is gaining momentum ...

In September - October this year, after more than a year break, was held for 6 housing auctions for the sale of apartments in Minsk. Four of them were held in September UE "Minsk city center real estate, two (6 and 7 October. - IF) - rxy Administration of President of the Republic of Belarus. And yet - not with the best result. Say, at last, on 7 October, from the originally announced 36 flats 16 have been withdrawn from the auction before the start of the auction, and from the remaining 20 were sold to only 6. Naturally, the lowest price.

Recall: The first auction for the sale of apartments in Minsk held a little over 3 years ago, caused a huge stir. For example, in bidding for the 19 apartments offered for sale July 25, 2007 (this was the first auction for the sale of apartments in Belarus. - IF), was attended by 263! His role was played by the fabulously low starting prices per square meter - in 2 times lower than the market: $ 880-930. It is true that buyers from bidding pushed up prices more than 2 times and overpaid by buying an apartment at a price slightly above market average ...

Also successfully held auctions to sell apartments in 2008 and 2009 - was sold almost everything, and not at the starting price. True, the first "bells" for the sellers have already voiced at the last auction in 2009, held in June - there were unclaimed apartments.

Today everything is much worse - even though that has changed the rules a few auctions. If you previously for bidding should have been to the apartment claimed at least two buyers, then this year, one is enough.

Sometimes more, and do not come. So, according to the site, the auction held on September 22, joined ... just a customer! And despite the fact that to sell 24 apartments in the house on the street. Esenina. As a result, organizers of the auction to offer the buyer to choose any apartment. Liked "kopeck piece", which he bought without haggling. The price of the "square" was $ 1035.

Earlier, on September 16 of the 20 lots were sold in July: on the other there were no buyers. Where 6 apartments have been sold at the lowest price, and only one "treshka" became a subject of bitter bargaining, which the buyer paid $ 137 thousand, or $ 1,460 per square meter. According to that same, there has been collusion among the buyers in advance "allocated" to each other, who will buy what apartment. And only two have not agreed ...

However, reports of alleged collusion of buyers in the UE "Minsk City Real Estate Center, who performed the auction organizer, not confirmed. "I believe that this information is untrue and is a private opinion of the person who posted it online. As a result, began to appear in the press headlines about the conspiracy bidders. In my opinion, this is utter nonsense, "- said in a conversation with a reporter portal head of the department to organize and conduct auctions, contests UE" Minsk city center real estate, Olga Senchuk.

According to her, pre-auction participants could not agree as "data about the participants are confidential and not subject to disclosure." "But such high-profile allegations of colluding buyers can bring a criminal case under article" Disruption of public bidding. " Therefore we must be careful with such statements, "- added companion. However, she admitted that the buyers' nobody prevents to communicate before the auction. "But by and large today, and do not have to collude - demand the following proposals. That share, as agreed upon - I do not know "- she said.

"We attribute the low activity of buyers at the auctions with the overall situation in the property market in the country. Auction - a very good indicator of the market and fully illustrates his state "- said Oleg Senchuk. "One and a half or two years ago and the market was active, and auctions were actively", - she added. Also, she said, some of the obstacles is that to buy an apartment in the auction are not provided soft loans. "Some banks lend on a common basis for this, but you can imagine: a little of the conditions. And in general, auction sale - for those people who have at least a part of "live money", - said A. Senchuk.

As for the prices at which trades are exposed to the apartment, the interviewee pointed out that "this year we have another real estate salesman. And it was he who appoints the price. " "Two years ago, an apartment with a low starting price of sold OAO MAPID" and is now on auction apartments located in the communal ownership of Minsk. Pricing issues are the sole seller "- repeated O. Senchuk.

According to her, despite the fact that few buyers at the auctions, the stream of people in MGTSN large. "Many people come for advice, so that the interest in residential real estate is", - said A. Senchuk.

At the same time, she noted that "such that someone is buying an apartment at auction, no - people buy a house once and for themselves." Cases where the buyer does not pay for purchased at the auction house, are rare. Olga Senchuk remembered only one that occurred two years ago. "The man who bought an apartment in the auction, planned to sell his. However, it was the beginning of the crisis in the housing market and the deal fell through. The chain broke, and the buyer was unable to prepay the apartment, "- she said.

Auctions on sale of apartments in Minsk will continue. "We are currently waiting for information from the seller: Do all apartment paid for, not whether to annul the results of the auction. And those apartments that we have not sold in September, will again be put up for sale ", - said Head of the organization and conduct of auctions, contests MGTSN.

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