Apartment scandal in Vasilkov

30.07.2010 12:20
In the blue (Kiev region) because of the conflict between local authorities and the developer of the tenants can not get three years of ownership of the apartment, which built their own money.<br /><br />On this today at a press conference in UNIAN reported one of the investors building Svetlana Samoilenko.<br /><br />"When we execute a contract, the date of introduction of this house was commissioned in the second quarter of 2007. However, until now the house stands, and our children live in hired apartments", - said S. Samoilenko.<br /><br />According to her, investors have no claim to the developer, since the house was built, everybody got the keys to their apartments. "The city authorities explained to us that the construction company has a number of outstanding technical conditions for connection of the house. Construction Company, we explained that no problems exist, the house is connected and the instruction of City Hall to issue certificates of ownership of apartments built," - she added .<br /><br />According to S. Samoilenko, the conflict arose from the fact that local government wants to get 12% of apartments in this house. "This is the main problem that the city authorities can not resolve with the developer," - she said.<br /><br />Deputy Vasilkovskaja city mayor Helen SIDORENKO told investors that, in accordance with the terms of the agreement concluded in 2004 the city authorities with the developer, a company-builder is obliged to transfer 12% of apartments. "The company does not comply with the conditions of the contract and is continuing the process of bankruptcy of the company," - she said.<br /><br />Also at the press conference showed a television interview Vasilkovskaja city chairman Sergey Ivashchenko, in which he stated that the local executive committee does not decide to issue travel documents for the property investors due to fraud, the builder. "We are on the basis of what we see fraudulent activity, requested the prosecutor to ban the issuance of registration cards are. Indeed, subsequently it was reported that there are flats under investdogovoru sold two or more people," - he said.<br /><br />Meanwhile, investors insist that already received the keys to their apartments and such facts about the sale of one and the same apartment to different people is not revealed. "If this happened, then such facts would have already known," - suggested S. Samoilenko.<br /><br />The representative of the developer Zorian Pylyp noted in the commentary UNIAN correspondent, the local authority requires the developer to build a substation to provide electricity to a large array of housing the city, although it was not envisaged by the investment agreement. She also refuted the statement of E. SIDORENKO bankruptcy of the company-builder.<br /><br />"The line, which took the city authorities of the city Vasilkov simply anti-human. They claim those apartments for which investors have paid in full. They want to take these apartments and force these people to sue a company-builder" - said Honoured Lawyer of Ukraine, deputy chairman of the Defenders of Fatherland Paul BARNATSKY.<br /><br />In his view, it is the local authority should the courts to require the developer execution of investment conditions, and not to make hostages of the conflict, people who are using equity and loan funds have built their own accommodation.<br /><a href="https://www.zagorodna.com">www.zagorodna.com</a><br />
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