Apartment scam

<div style="text-align: justify;">  Until then just never thought clever apartment scams, that fooled the credulous citizens and hay on the fraudulent transactions involving the purchase and sale of housing. And, of course, the greatest number of such fraud happening in the capital Kiev, where each year by law enforcement agencies recorded more than 50 new methods of deception, which come up with a particularly dodgy "apartment" swindlers. However, not all of these reveal the fraud investigators, as fraudsters invent ever new dodgy methods. Moreover, the rogue might be, and realtors who work in large real estate agencies and have extensive experience in the housing market.<br /><br />  Histories of deception ordinary citizens a lot. Typically, fraudsters - great psychologists. In his scheme, they find alternatives to deception, in which the victims are citizens who did not really learn anything about the visitor, rash trust documents in his apartment. The consequences of such carelessness are usually deplorable. Was such a case: a clever young man decided to put across a successful little business on the sham sale of "their" elite apartment in a prestigious area. Having bought a newspaper and finding a suitable option for their "bargain", in just a couple of days, two rogue developed a plan for the apartment "kidalovu.<br /><br />  Organizer machinations to inquire into the apartment and met with the owner. Assuring unsuspecting seller of its intention to buy an apartment, he took his copies of the documents to the apartment, ostensibly to check the history and the "purity" of the apartment. And, glad its deal, the seller did not even bother to find out more about the "buyer" and freely gave him the paper. Smooth operator on the computer scored a false contract of sale of this two-tier flat and assured that "lime" fake seals Committee of municipal housing. Thus, the speculator became the owner of a beautiful apartment in a prestigious district of the capital.<br /><br />  Then, through the media, the swindler found the same simpleton, who wanted to become an owner of a luxurious six-room apartment. This "lohom became the owner of a vehicle's interior. To implement the next part of the crime, flat swindler night changed the locks on the apartment and was invited to the buyer, showed him the apartment. New home buyer liked, but it wanted to buy it through a real estate agency. Such a course of a fraud operation had already been thought out.<br /><br />  Finding the agency, whose staff were not very clean at hand, "our" swindler promised them big winner from the deal, led there hapless businessman who believed staff had agreed to a deal. We quickly had all the documents, the agency received a percentage of the transaction, the fraudster round sum, and the buyer - the sales contract and the keys, ostensibly from his new home. Starting repair "their" apartment, one day, the unlucky buyer was faced with the real owners of this apartment. Do I have to say that the district court terminated the transaction and the merchant lost his apartment and money. The court, estate agency, to defraud, swindle, has been closed.<br /><br /><strong>zagorodna.com</strong></div>
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