Apartment scam in Kyiv: apartments sold together with the elderly

28.10.2011 00:15
Articles about real estate | Apartment scam in Kyiv: apartments sold together with the elderly In Kiev, a new apartment scam. If the scammers had deprived housing lonely old people, now under their eye, and those who have relatives. "Today," found the people who suffered at the hands of speculators, disguised profit organization. Already instituted criminal proceedings.


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The editorial asked Irina from Kiev Petrichenko. After the death of her 73-year old father was that he was guardian, and therefore the rightful owner of his apartment. "My father lived in a studio apartment on the street. Belarusian. My husband and I bought him a house there, because it is next to the Tartar, where we live.

We visited his daughter at least twice a week and never even neighbors told him that someone zahazhivaet ", - said Irina. According to her, when she came in mid-September to the father, it was not.

For three days he was looking for the police and then called a guardian, who said that his grandfather died, she found him in the apartment and drove to the morgue of a hospital. "I was dumbfounded that the pope was a trustee. Wrote a statement to the police and prosecutor's office, and it turned out that I, and a guardian - the victims, "- said Irina.

Police determined that the guardian has signed a contract with a certain organization, paying $ 25 thousand! According to preliminary data, the organization promised that the problems with the registration rights to the apartment will not say, "get over 25 000 housing near the center of the city."

As the head of our DSP police in Kiev, Vladimir Polishchuk, "The case was initiated by fraud. It appears the company "Turbota." The name is very common, there is even the same name the municipal program, apparently, that the name on the lips, and a calculation. In which case you can "get lost" among a set of "Turbota" who work in Kiev.


We decided to track down this organization and to "buy" the old man himself. The best-known in Kiev "Turbota", which takes care of the elderly people of Kiev, located on the street. Silk, 11. Her ex-deputy mayor in charge of Igor Dobrutsky. "You have that, we just we carry on trips older people Pechersk district, organize them free trips to the cinema and theater, swimming pool, English language!

No commercial relationships! But we often elderly, who say that some "Turbota" offers annuity contract to make out! "- Told us Dobrutsky. Another "Turbota" is the capital. We got a call and there.

"We can assist in obtaining the contract lifetime support. But finding or grandparents who need it, we do not! However, leave your number, if something happens we'll call you "- answered there. In the police the exact address of the company, appearing in the case, declined to name, they say, the mystery of the investigation.

Grandmothers chopping and grandfathers watered

According to the central board of labor and sotspolitiki KSCA, in the last two years due to fraud apartment was thrown into the streets of Kiev two thousand old people! All these people - victims of annuity contracts.

"But if the scammers before going to scam, knowing that the pensioner has no relatives who could lay claim to his house after his death, but now they have gone even further -" sell "the old men who have relatives. Dealers forged documents, negotiating with "black" notaries, employees of hospitals and community organizations.

They also make elderly people to sign documents, manipulating them, deceiving. For example, grandmothers make hallucinogenic injections, after which they are prepared to sign anything. A grandfather with just a drink, and when he was in the right position, scroll a "deal" - said the lawyer, Anna Boryak us.


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