Apartment owners are actually deprived of rights to housing

21.09.2010 07:32
Articles about real estate | Apartment owners are actually deprived of rights to housing In the light hand of parliamentarians from now until January 1, 2012 in Ukraine is forbidden to terminate agreement with stroykompaniyami hundred percent of prepaid apartment in frozen objects.

The point, of course, good. Maul, and the construction industry it is safer and its citizens some no guarantee. That's only in the country a lot of unfinished projects, some as a cover for roofing material. A year and a half, under the influence of rain, snow and frost from your future new housing will remain the ruins. Ukrainians seem to palm off the pig again, wrote BB.

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In the house with no roof and the wind blows
On the one hand, the law protects construction companies from bankruptcy and debt pit. This is why innovation - to allow developers to bring the case, though late, but before the end. They say if he would strike some investors to pull their money, the developer will pay all that exists, and the house was never completed. And the rest of the apartment owners will remain the same with anything.

But the builders themselves are well aware: sometimes the willingness and readiness. " It is one thing - the house in which we must carry out the domestic work, but all communication systems, walls and stairs already in place. And if there is only ground floor and two or three on top, and this situation has lasted for 3-4 years, then hopes for the completion of the building is very little. Of course, there is a clause: that the prohibition does not apply if a specific date for operation of the facility construction is postponed more than 18 months. But is it really all that simple?

Imagine a situation in detail. 18 months - a year and a half, that is quite a considerable period. During this time, can happen anywhere.

For example, the term construction can stand the winter in "nedokonservirovannom" form, without a roof. As a result of what is built, it will be difficult to call the housing stock. Unlucky investors can get your hands on real-estate unmarketable. In which it is impossible to live, and sell it unrealistic.

And given the fluctuations in prices for apartments, it is possible that investors eventually will be in the hands of something that cost a half times lower than the actual price. Moreover, nowhere stated that it would be if the builders still do not comply with obligations. When the deceived buyers to obtain at least the remnants of their money?

Who will protect investors?
In the worst situation of those who bought an apartment in a future credit. Many have neither the strength nor the physical capacity to sue the developers personally. In the past, united in a group, employing a "collective" the lawyer, people have at least a chance for a fair outcome. Now this chance away from them. At least until the end of 2011.

- Construction company took money from people, then it is obliged to give him shelter. There should be no if. Otherwise, should review the entire mechanism of building houses and selling them apartments - indignant lawyer Yuri Fedorenko, protects the interests of depositors "Elita-Center". - If the measure is, then let developers build houses for government loans. And only then sell the house as a finished product. Then people will know what to buy, and will not be afraid that with his money simply run away.

According to Yuri Fedorenko, the position of his clients are still unchanged. Recently, a regular meeting of bankruptcy "Elite ...", and investors continue to feed the promises.

After making changes to the law on the prevention of crisis impact on the development of the construction industry without exception, investors will be tied to their protracted. Note that when these apartments were bought (2005-nd - Summer 2008), the minimum cost them was $ 60,000, or at the then exchange rate - about 300 thousand UAH. Even if a developer suing the money at today's exchange rate at the hands of the investor will be about $ 40 thousand for that kind of money will not buy an apartment.

The situation is once again consists not in favor of ordinary citizens. Those who once picked the right party, will be able to save your money. And ordinary Ukrainians will huddle in apartments with walls, moistened by rain.
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