Apartment on the first floor: the advantages and disadvantages

05.01.2020 00:15
It is considered that the flat on the first floor - a slow moving stock. Frequent and it is cheaper. But this is not always found to be valid. The first floor has its advantages. Picture: Apartment on the first floor: the advantages and disadvantages


According to experts, the first floor can reduce the cost of an apartment at least 10 - 20%.

This is due to the following factors:

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- High humidity of the room.

- Lower the temperature in the apartment.

- Low level of insolation.

- A view from the window. Often on the first floor window in order to safely install the lattice, which also contributes to the beauty panorama.

- Sometimes, the proximity to the basement is the cause of the bad smell, and in some cases, the invasion of rodents and insects.

- Is the house where the first floor has no balcony. This layout is certainly a drawback.

- A higher level of noise from the machines, if windows are located on the roadway, and the slamming of the front door if the yard. However, modern windows copes with this problem.

- Some confuse the curious glances of passers from the street.


It's all relative. There are people who are living on the first floor is very attractive.

Despite the fact that the ground floor - a clear disadvantage for many buyers, in some cases it can be a plus. For example, the location of the apartment is desirable to elderly people, if the house does not have a lift. Such variants may prefer people who do not have enough money to purchase more liquid real estate. The apartments on the first floor and interesting from a commercial point of view, for later transfer them to non-residential. In this case, the advantage enjoyed objects on the first lines of houses, near the pedestrian flows.

According to specialists' RealEkspo "the merits of the first floor are:

- Low cost - this is the main advantage that attracts buyers.

- The first floor is good for a young family with a child - from the first floor is easier to take out a stroller.

- No need to climb the ladder - a big "plus" for the elderly and disabled.

- If an emergency evacuation of the first floor will most quickly.

- The independence of the car are also encouraged by many, especially those suffering from claustrophobia. Also, the elevators periodically break.

Buying an apartment, each guided by their views, and not always well-established patterns are true in life.

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