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08.06.2010 15:26
<div style="text-align: justify;"><strong><span style="font-size: 12px;"><span style="font-family: Tahoma;">Before the crisis, the Ukrainians took lots of loans, like a dog with fleas. And if purchased with a loan TV sets, refrigerators, somehow still possible to understand, those who took loans apartments and houses, "were" specifically. 15% of all issued under purchase of housing loans bankers feel hopeless. Apartments in such borrowers is theoretically possible to select through the courts and to sell at public auction. But bankers are in no hurry to do so as not to "derail" the housing market finally.<br /><br />"Loyal" borrowers: go for a compromise with the bank</span></span></strong><span style="font-size: 12px;"><span style="font-family: Tahoma;"><br /><br />- His three-room apartment we bought in February 2006 for 40 thousand dollars in crisis husband lost his job, and I took maternity leave and we had to delay the payment. In total, we now owe the bank 25 thousand dollars learning about our financial difficulties, the bank has threatened to take an apartment across the court. In order not to lose the roof over your head and not be with the children on the street, we had persuaded the bank to give us credit holidays - now we are not paying for the loan amount, and pay only the interest the bank. It is not very profitable. The amount of our payment for the year decreased by only 50 dollars, and at the end of the holidays we will pay the loan for $ 50 more than before the crisis. But we do not have to choose - the main thing to keep an apartment, - says Oksana Parkhomov from the city Netishin in Khmelnitsky region.<br />Such borrowers, as Oksana majority - about 70%. They are called the "loyal". In case they have financial difficulties, they are all the forces are trying to negotiate with the bank "amicably". Almost all of them live in flats bought on credit, which is why it is particularly important to keep a roof over his head.<br /><br /><strong>"Aggressive" borrowers: choosing the courts</strong><br /><br />- A loan to buy an apartment in the amount of 50 thousand dollars I took in 2008, when the dollar was at the rate of 5,05, - says Yulia Kharchenko from Zaporozhye. - Then my salary with my head enough to pay each month on a loan of 700 USD Now my monthly income decreased to 3000 UAH. per month, while the dollar rose to 8,00 UAH. and pay the loan has become unbearable. To pay with a bank I put my apartment for sale, but at best I can for her bail of 40 thousand dollars Where can I take another 10 thousand dollars? I decided to seek legal advice. After reviewing my credit agreement, he advised me to seek a court annulled. I did. Ship process lasts for six months, and no guarantee me that the judge handed down a decision will be in my favor. Meanwhile, payable on the loan I have accumulated and have exceeded 5 thousand dollars.<br /><br />Julia is the second largest group of borrowers, bankers are conventionally referred to as "aggressive". They are quite a lot - about 20-25% of the total. This group hired lawyers suing the banks, trying to get away from credit obligations by declaring themselves bankrupt and so on.<br /><br />- This group of borrowers is constantly decreasing, - states Adviser to the President of the Association of Ukrainian Banks Alex Kusch. - Many of them understand what is futile to engage with the bank in such a conflict. In addition, we must not forget that the crisis passes, and reputation remains. In the future, too, will have to work with banks and take their loans.<br /><br /><strong>Borrowers, "Invisible": play hide and seek<br /></strong><br />- Before the crisis, I bought five apartments in credit for their further resale. Now I can not pay for these credits, or sell the purchased bank money for housing. And I just decided to disappear - replaced the phone number and moved from Kiev to Odessa, - says Sergey P. (for obvious reasons, his name he asked not to be identified). What's next - do not know yet. Only hope that the housing prices start to rise again, and by selling their flats, I can return the money and fully repay the banks for loans.<br />"Borrowers - Stealth" - the smallest group, according to the Association of Ukrainian Banks. There are only about 5%.<br /><br /><strong>Banks "all agree"<br /></strong><br />Depending on how well the borrower pays the monthly payments, his credit was reduced in the classroom. Total of four classes: "Standard", "subprime", "under control" and "bad". In November last year, bankers have revised standards "hopelessness". Before the crisis, the borrower was only just enough to miss a monthly payment, and its credit downgraded to class. Today, bankers do not, even if you have a 90-day delay on the loan amount. The main thing - time to pay interest on the loan and sign a contract with the bank debt restructuring.<br /><br />- Now this is a normal situation, - says Alexei Kusch. - Moreover, now many banks closed their eyes to the lack of borrowers insurance policies apartments. Well, have no rights to this money, what to do? The main thing that the borrower to repay the loan and the body to pay interest on it.<br /><br />"Bad" credit now considered to be the one for which the borrower for six months has not paid a dime. According to it, by and large, need to start collection proceedings and move to implement the pledge at a public auction. Held by the Bank from taking this step now, only the fact of the collapse of prices on the market.<br /><br />- If today all the banks will come to market with these pledges, they are even stronger collapse of prices for apartments. In addition, bankers realize that often, selling an apartment, they do not return the money issued under its purchase - notes Alex Kusch.<br />Realtors, in turn, say they confiscated from unscrupulous borrowers apartments they never came.<br /><br />- With the start of the crisis were all waiting for that rain down mass market seized from bankrupt borrowers apartments at bargain prices. They waited and waited. If there were transactions with such housing - they can be counted on the fingers. Most people who find themselves in a precarious financial position themselves trying to sell their apartments and pay off credit with the bank as quickly as possible, - said Anatoly Topol, director of the Bureau of the Non-state expert.<br /><br /><strong>Apartments are selected from those who have less</strong><br /><br />Yet the practice of confiscation to further sale of apartments at "hopeless" loan. According to the Association of Ukrainian Banks in Ukraine for several hundred. They take away housing, especially among those who should not bank on a lot - up to 50 thousand dollars selling the object of pledge, bankers can easily cover all its costs. The most "inaccessible" for the banks are those borrowers who bought apartments in the last minute before the start of the crisis - in 2008.<br /><br />- For example, in 2008 the bank issued 250 thousand dollars to buy their apartments for $ 300 thousand Suppose the borrower has in the past year, stopped paying for it. If the bank now put it in an apartment for sale, he can not help out, and 100 thousand dollars Why then begin the sales? It is not profitable now, - says Alexei Kusch.<br />With such borrowers banks literally "rush": restructure arrears on the loan, extend the term of the contract, transferred from the classical interest on the loan for the annuity, provide credit vacation, turning a blind eye to the lack of mortgage insurance facility. Objective 1 - reduce the amount of monthly payment to the borrower continued to pay on time for your loan. And do not finance it from kindness of his heart, but because the only way they may be able to recover their money. The most stringent way of dealing with malicious debtors - the confiscation of apartments, this group of borrowers do not scare. They themselves often want to "float" its creditor purchased at very prohibitive amount of their apartment to get rid of your credit.<br /><br /><strong>Figure</strong><br /><br />101 bln. - This is the amount owed on the mortgage loans Ukrainians on 1 April.<br /><br />During the first quarter of this year were paid only 3,6 billion UAH. this debt.<br /><br />Source:<em> Statement of the President of the Ukrainian National Mortgage Association (UNIAN) Igor Jusko<br /><br />Olga Polyakova </em><br /></span></span></div>
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