Apartment leasing: at times more expensive than for Cash

10.12.2009 11:34
Articles about real estate | Apartment leasing: at times more expensive than for Cash In Boyarka already rent an apartment for rent with option to buy. No down payment ... True, the conditions can hardly be called profitable. As already reported, "The newspaper in Kiev," such as real estate legitimized by Cabinet in March. In Kyivmiskbud "hastened to announce the leasing of a week ago, but is the real personal holding company will be no earlier than one month and the tenant-buyers will demand full pay for two to three years.

Meanwhile, another developer, "Energobudlizing is already accepting applications and packages of documents from those willing to buy a home in installments. Intend to enter into contract with customers for 30 years, with no down payment. It is tempting, but the "pitfalls" enough.

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Today, apartments for rent with a purchase can only be purchased in the 9-story three-unit house on the street. Belogorodskaya, 17/21, Boyarka. Promise to use such a scheme in the capital (which will complete the house on the street. Hasek, 8-a, the Enlightenment, 3-a, Turgenev, 46/11, Pavlovsky, 26/41).

By cons of such deals is the fact that until payment in full in the apartment will not be able to register - the contract provides only a temporary registration, transfers Infobud. Not specified in the contract and the question: "Light" tenant-buyer in case of dissolution (bankruptcy, liquidation) from the seller. And after 30 years - a long period, during which time anything can happen.

Those who dare to such a purchase before you sign the lease-purchase, it is necessary to check the statutes of the company - owner of the apartment, says lawyer Vyacheslav Erin. In particular, if she had a right to engage in property letting. Because housing construction and commissioning of its rent - different kinds of activities.

- The company must be a fresh certificate from the Department of Statistics, which lists all allowed her activities, says Vyacheslav. - It is useful to make sure that the apartment that you are interested, is really in his own behalf at this company. Particular attention should be focused on the guarantees in the event of unforeseen circumstances.

"Newspaper ... ":

If you calculate it for "unity" in Boyarka, which is now in the secondary market is worth $ 40-60 thousand, in 30 years will have to shell out $ 180 thousand other words, hire-purchase "cheat" the price in 3-4,5 times. And if you pay in advance and immediately, the apartment price will be $ 72 thousand, plus the rent until the day of final settlement.

But the apartment lease is still generally cheaper than a bank transfer Infobud. If at the same apartment (for $ 60 thousand) to take a bank loan, for example, at 20% per annum (at zero the first installment), for 30 years the total payout amount for annuity form of payment over $ 360 thousand, with a classic - $ 240 thousand at a rate of 15% of the annual totals are $ 273 thousand and $ 195 thousand, respectively.
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