Apartment in the city or a house in the area?

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Articles about real estate | Apartment in the city or a house in the area? Whereas previously the majority who want to buy housing in the metropolitan region is uniquely intended to settle in Kiev, the recent commitment of potential customers divided. Apartment in the city or a house in the area? Facing a choice between "town and country, more and more people today prefer clean air and closeness to nature, the hryvnia voting against congestion, hustle and gassed.

Duel on equal

Comparing the Kyiv city and region, it is difficult to identify a clear leader. It seems that both solutions have their own undeniable dignity. In favor of the Kiev region said the relatively low prices and increase their living space.

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Director of consulting company "RealEkspo Victor Kovalenko believes that moving into the region due to the desire to solve the housing problem trivial.
Confirmation of this figure: the average cost per square meter second home on the outskirts of Kiev (Desnyanskiy and Darnitskiy areas) according to the company "RealEkspo" is 1,414 dollars, while the average cost per square meter in the secondary housing market in the Kiev region according to the same company makes 997 dollars which is 30% cheaper.

Victor Kovalenko said: "In my opinion, it is necessary to understand the status of the acquired object. As a rule, as a first home, people are still more likely to choose an apartment in the city or near it. House rather perceived as a second home and purchased subject to availability of money. Thus there is a small group of buyers who are not tied to work in the office and not have to constantly go to the city. For them, especially the comfort, having enough money, they can choose a house as his principal place of residence.
Liquidity of urban real estate is higher because more of its target audience. However, if the apartment at a cost comparable to the cottage, then most likely it refers to the high price segment, and its group of potential buyers is limited.

Numerous advertisements claim that the capital cost of a two-bedroom kopeck piece is almost equal to the average price of homes in the vast area of ??the Kiev region. And depending on the length of future migrant house area can be significantly reduced. For example, at home in a cottage village, located in the Makarov, Borodyansky areas, much lower than the proposal in a cottage village, located on the outskirts of the capital.

True, there are some serious objections to living outside the city: the road to work, medicine, and educational institutions. But, as experience shows, major traffic jams all the same on the roads of the capital. And even with summer cottages, situated 100 km from Kiev, going only an hour longer than Troyeshchyna or Borshchagovka, for example. In addition, more and more expanded version of telecommuting.

At the same time, if we are talking about moving to Obukhov district, the issues of infrastructure and travel to their place of work, completely disappear. Metropolitan highway is one of the fastest in that allows you to travel by car to the capital for 20-30 minutes. The level of development of all necessary infrastructure facilities in this area is high, and rarely in the inferior than the capital. Modern supermarkets, many restaurants, cafes, an advantage of this trend. He has yet to schools and kindergartens, as well as health care facilities - and would not be equal, and we can think about moving out of town.

Money - in the growth

In terms of investment as it is not clear advantage of Kiev. Square meter in the capital has always been and will be more expensive and more liquid than in the region.

Average cost of 1 square meter in the homes of Kiev is 1,259 dollars, and the average value of the "square" in the homes of the Kiev region -950 dollars, a decrease of 24,5%

Average cost of 1 sq. m in Kiev and the region, U.S. dollars, April-2011

  Apartments New building Home Cottage Towns
Kiev 1414 1131 1259  
Kyiv region 997 909 950 1254

"Equally important is the purpose of acquisition. If the property is for his own residence, in my opinion, this is not a question of alternatives. Everyone wanted to have and an apartment in the city to stay there for a week and a country house to spend the weekend there. Ideal - cottage at a reasonable distance from the capital, which can be used for permanent residence, subject to daily trips to work and children's education. But do not forget that the house - it is always an additional responsibility and additional expenses for the maintenance of buildings and grounds, cleaning, repairs, etc. Such expenses flat does not work, making it more economical, "- says Victor Kovalenko.

Square meter in the primary market of Kiev and the Dnieper Desnyanskiy areas according to the company "RealEkspo" on April 12, worth 967-1223 dollars, up 20% of the average value of the "square" in new buildings of the Kyiv region. Average cost of 1 sq ft in suburban erected Kiev region according to the company "RealEkspo" is 909 dollars.

Successful symbiosis, which allows to combine the advantages homes became townhouse. This format is now becomes more and more popular.
According to the portal www.zagorodna.com suburban real estate in Kyiv and the field are more than 50 townhouses, stimost square meter ranging from 650 to 2800 dollars.
Because of cost, proximity to Kiev, the presence of a small townhouse land was in demand in the suburban real estate market.

Prices per square meter detached house priori more expensive cost per square meter each apartment. Each apartment building stands on the site, the cost of which is automatically distributed to all owners of apartments and a private house has its own plot of a certain area, which has its own value, which affects the cost of the "square".
Pros and cons
Moving from a city apartment in the cottage has its own advantages. First of all, it's a good environment. Closeness to nature will breathe fresh air, even just walking around your own backyard.

The second advantage - the same money you can buy a house a larger area. And due to additions and modifications it can be expanded and made more convenient. In addition, you can arrange to your liking the surrounding area. Another advantage is the land which can be obtained together with the house.
But there is a suburban housing and the minuses. First, keep a cottage is more expensive than an apartment. On average, operating expenses and utility bills will rise by 30-50%.
In most cases you will need more time to get to work. Also increase the cost of transport and petrol. And in some ways the problem will create bad roads and traffic congestion at the entrance to Kiev. Furthermore, even when well-developed infrastructure, not in every town you can find a school and hospital.
Alternatives for a rich choice of
Considering the possibility of buyers with a budget of 60 thousand dollars, you can purchase: a one-room apartment on the outskirts of Kiev in the secondary market of Kiev, or in a new building.
In the developed satellite cities (Cherry, Boryspil, Brovary) for one-bedroom apartments in new buildings are asked 30 to 40 thousand dollars. For the same money in Irpen, Bucha can buy a two-room apartment, and in Boguslav, Kagarlyk-bedroom apartment.
For 50-60 thousand dollars on the secondary market of Kiev region can buy a small (about 100 square meters. M) wooden or brick house.
In the cottage for the money you can buy a cottage area from 100 sq ft, built on frame technology in the Makarov District.

Accordingly, if the house is unique and you're in town - it is better to buy an apartment. If this is the second house, not intended for permanent residence, is worth a closer look at objects far away from Kiev ", - advises Victor Kovalenko.

The cost of housing in Kyiv region, April 2011
(According to the company RealEkspo)


Price of apartment
the primary market, for $ m?


The cost of villa

towns, USD / sq ft






































In the suburban segment most in demand at home in the cottage economy class, where the purchase price starts from 50 thousand dollars. However, if living space is already there, and the house was bought with "long-term view, you can find an object more cheaply - for example, a site for 1500-3000 for a hundred dollars, says Victor Kovalenko. In this case, you can pay the first ground, and communications, as well as part of the cost of the house, and construction for some time delay. It is necessary to pay attention to the availability of services and infrastructure - they can offer only a few villages.

Coming day
About the prospects of suburban real estate market, most likely, new buildings go up in a suburb of Kiev, but the rising cost may not be very significant -3-5%. Country segment is restored is not as significant as most potential buyers with the necessary means, first, get an apartment for permanent residence, and then a country house.

According to Victor Kovalenko, the market will grow towards resuscitation of frozen construction projects, development of new paper just for the stage, that is to market a large number of new projects in 2011 is not expected.

In his turn, Victor Kovalenko believes that "the country-wide rural property Kiev region most liquid in comparison with the regions, demand and activity in these segments of higher and reflect the macroeconomic situation. Subject to the overall stability, economic growth and high wage prospects for these markets are quite good. "

Our surveys:
Portal Zagorodna.com conducted a survey among residents of Kiev on the subject of moving out of town.

Kievans asked: if they would like to live in nature, in his house with a small plot of land. The largest group of respondents - 40.2% - still prefer apartment-town home. People explained their choice: to live in the city more convenient, easier, there is an infrastructure, less traffic problems, quickly get to work.

The second largest group of respondents - 29,5% (nearly one-third of respondents) - ready to move into suburban homes. Their main argument - the environment in the country better. " However, in this group said they will move to "maloetazhku" only if the towns will be infrastructure - schools, hospitals, shops with reasonable prices, etc.

Further sites were divided as follows: 20,4% are not ready to live in a cottage or a townhouse just because of the city they already have a problem; 4,5% - want to be and cottage and an apartment ("good to live in an apartment in Kiev, and weekends and holidays to come to the house outside the city and relax ") and 5.4% failed to answer.

Then, in Kiev, who want to live in a private home (remember, this is 29,5%), was asked - would they have moved from Kiev to the favorable conditions for them in suburban low-rise housing. Agreed to move to 90,9% of participants in this group, refused to - 9,1%.


As of April 1, according to consulting company "RealEkspo" in the Kiev region there were 133 new buildings (34 built and 92 under construction (126) in 30 construction halted and 267 cottage villages (86 built, 91 under construction (177), in 72 towns construction frozen

New suburbs are being built in 13 districts and cities of regional subordination
By the number of first place in the Kiev region Sviatoshynsky -34; second place Irpin -25 and third place at Borispol district -25.
The minimum cost of 1 sq. km. m -500 USD / sq ft, highest in the U.S. -1,600 Obukhov
Average cost of 1 sq. m: min-$ 500 Kagarlykskom and Boguslavsky district, max -1075 USD in Vyshgorodsky area.
The greatest decline was noted in a Boguslavskaya and Kagarlykskom areas (20% in 1 quarter).
Growth on 11,8% for the 1 st quarter marked in Obukhov district.
Average cost of 1 square meter of the Kiev region -909 dollars.

Cottage villages are built in 10 districts.

By the number of first place in the Kiev region Sviatoshynsky -64, second place at -57 Obukhov district towns, the third place in the Makarov -39 towns.
The minimum cost of 1 sq.m -387 (Outdoor Village) Makarov Area, maximum - $ 4000 in a town built by the Obukhov district.
Average cost of 1 square meter-long 700 minutes. in Baryshevsky and Borodyansky district.
Maximum of $ -1,876 in Obukhov district.
Average cost per square meter of the Kiev region - 1,254 dollars.

The cost of homes on the secondary market of Kiev region

According to the company RealEkspo "average cost of 1 sq ft - $ 950
The cheapest box Skvirsky region -185 $ per sq ft
The most expensive - Obukhov district -1448 U.S. $ / sq ft


Victor Kovalenko
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