Apartment in new building with walls and without: the pros and cons of choice, financial gain, supply market

25.01.2011 22:58
Today in the Moscow and Moscow region real estate market you can buy an apartment with a "bare" walls (ie, without repair), and shelter with no walls at all, but at the same time and finished with a turnkey facility. Many market specialists note the growing interest in the latter, but some buyers deliberately choose an open-plan apartment, with no internal partitions and repair. In general, there is no accounting for tastes, but there are advantages and disadvantages of each of these types of housing.

About all of this, and also about which projects to seek better to view popular among apartment, tells the magazine about real estate www.metrinfo.ru.

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Apartments are different

Today in Moscow and its suburbs can be purchased:

1) flat open plan, with no interior walls and trim (as an option - with a rough finish floor, ceiling and walls), ie space, limited only by bearing walls, the distance between which can reach up to 9 meters. Usually in such flats yet erected the wall between the kitchen, bathroom, toilet and room space.

2) apartment with a trace (provided in the project decision) as such there are no walls, but the project they have, and at the site designated line width of one brick and a height of 2-3 bricks

3) apartment with walls, but without a finishes (as an option - with a rough finish)

4) apartment with walls, trim, fixtures, etc.

Flat with open plan, primarily offered in cast-in-brick houses, moreover, in such new buildings apartment with internal partitions - a great rarity, "- said Marina Markarova, managing partner MAYFAIR Properties. The main advantage of these apartments - you can decide itself how to distribute the living space. "The buyer can do in an apartment, for example, three rooms with a window in each, and one room with three windows, etc." - says Aleksander Zima, director of real estate sales company Penny Lane Realty. That's just the time it takes, usually many, and money, too - at an estimated cost of repairs in such a case can be up to 50% of the cost of housing. In this - the main minus the "free" apartments. In addition, they require the development of the project and its approval, permission to redevelop.

This avoids the problem of flat-tracing, since they already have agreed upon a draft, of course, if you're still not going to insist on his own. "In our practice, about 40% do not change suggested by the design decision", - says Sergey Lushkin, Director of Sales and Marketing LLC Quarter Estate '. Substantial repair costs can not be avoided in this case, but the flat-tracing still allow you to save: "The BTI measurements in the area does not include the area of the walls. Accordingly, without a trace area of the apartment will be more and pay extra for the surplus "- explains Maria Litinetskaya.

Apartments with walls, but without finishing allow buyers to "obdizaynit" housing as your heart desires, with the cost of repairs will be lower than in an apartment with open plan. Make kopeck piece of, say, three-ruble note will not be easy, but at the same time, this housing a little bit cheaper than the apartment with a finish.

The advantage of apartments for, Vladimir Tribrat, Marketing Director, HA "Pioneer", Moscow, is firstly, that allows you to save money on repairs. Savings in industrial scale finish builder compared to a flat finish can be 20-35%. Secondly - the buyer enters into an apartment quickly, saving time, effort and nerves. This is especially true for investors, focused on renting the apartments. Thirdly, - the opportunity to take only one credit - mortgage - for a ready to stay flat, and there is no need to find money for repairs.

The walls of the class

Type of apartments offered in new buildings, depending on the class of habitation: "Today, virtually all elite new buildings and new construction of premium business and sold with free layouts, or design solution" - said Marina Markarova (MAYFAIR Properties), and an apartment with walls and offered mainly in the finished homes economy class.

"Apartments for sale in homes with high-level difficulty finding buyers - are too different people tastes, and to make a universal repair difficult. Even if you finish the whole like a buyer, it usually is planning something in the apartment to remake ", - says Sergey Lushkin (OOO Quarter Estate"), which, incidentally, entails additional costs.

"In Russia, people have lived too long in the model homes with the same set of furniture, we can say - the script of the film" Irony of Fate ", so the ability to create your own, unique accommodation in great demand", - says Irina Postovalova, Head of the implementation of real estate company " Don Story Invest.

Nevertheless, housing is expensive and the walls and even finish, although it was more about business class instead of the elite houses. For example, business class apartments with interior walls, trim and even furniture are offered in residential complexes Kutuzovskaya Riviera, Mirax Park, Fort Kutuzov. Here, as precise Alexander Zima (Penny Lane Realty), would be a good flooring or qualitative impact-resistant laminate, multilevel ceilings, beautiful lighting. Such projects are repaired by the original author's project, and all the interior elements are executed in the same style and color scheme.

The houses have the same economy class, especially in the typical flat panel walls - a common phenomenon, and has recently been renovated - not a rarity: "This year is gaining momentum tends to increase the share of apartments with a segment of the economy class," - said Maria Litinetskaya (MIEL Development ").

Also worth noting is that in the suburbs of apartments free layout a bit in all segments (however, outside Moscow is dominated by new buildings, and economy-class "comfort"): "Such" freedom "as the housing without interior walls, allow the administration far from all districts of Moscow region. Therefore, developers often are forced to perform the partitioning in full and indicate in "rooms" apartments (1 - 2 - 3 -, etc.), and if there are separate rooms, so there is a wall ", - says Sergey Yakir, Commercial Director of ABC Housing "

As reported by the expert, the share of apartments in repair in the overall sales of new buildings has increased to 15-17% in Moscow and up to 6% in Moscow region.

What is how much

As we have noted, the apartment with the walls and trim are usually more expensive objects without walls and trim, but it's still cheaper than erecting barriers and making repairs yourself. According to experts, in the homes of economy-class apartments with established internal walls will cost 5-15% more expensive than similar facilities with free planning and apartments for sale may vary from rough average of 4-6 thousand rubles. per square. m. "In the same segment of the business-class availability of interior walls in the apartment increases its value by about 20%, and if the apartment rent and yet to finish, it is more expensive by 25-40%," - said Aleksander Zima (Penny Lane Realty).

Developer builds

Builders prefer to build housing without barriers, because they are so cheaply: do not spend money on building and finishing materials, recruit a staff of designers, planners and specialists in decorating. Liquidity apartments at this higher, because no matter how the buyers wanted to purchase a house with walls, these same walls in a particular project may not please them: "your" buyer has to wait longer than the sale of "empty" objects. In addition, there is no bureaucratic red tape, with numerous instances in which you want to coordinate projects of apartments, and residential complex can be taken much faster.

Nevertheless, today's market a lot of new buildings and walls, and even with the trim, especially in economy class, Moscow Region. Some developers offer in a single project as an apartment with walls and trim, and without them. For example, it is important for LCD "Director" LCD "Copernicus," LCD "Caricino" LC "Red Hill" (Lyubertsy), etc. Other companies, such as, for example, a group of companies "MORTON", created their own repair companies or offices, so the buyers the opportunity, even during construction of the house agree to furnish and move into a ready-made housing. "Working with large volumes, we can offer our clients the best prices for repairs and supplies, while exercising strict quality control at every stage and ensuring deadlines repairs - refines Skorik Anton, CEO of the Morton-Invest.

GC "Pioneer" to Moscow, working in a segment of comfort-class (price for rent - from 5 to 10 million p.) In the near future to offer the buyer apartments for sale: "The results of our research company showed that our customer would like to buy an apartment with quality finish of the Civil Code "Pioneer", - said Vladimir Tribrat. - As a result, the new project at the station "Skhodnenskaya we have designed 100% apartments (520 units) from the finish. That is, in a residential complex is planned apartments without finishing. "

In the popular Moscow apartment complexes - Michurino, Yurlov, Marfino Alekseeva, Nakhimova Golovino developer Vedis Group offers four options for the design of flats: "European", "English", "Byzantine", "Scandinavian".

Apartments for sale can be bought in a newly built neighborhood Tsaritsyno. To do so, order the company NDV-estate "option on a choice of three:" Classic "," Mediterranean "," Country ". The cost of the quad-meter with a finish - 86 thousand rubles, without finishing - 77000.

Today in economy class apartments with walls you can buy, for example, in the district 9A in Reutov. It sold an apartment in the building and handed the State Commission of monolith-brick buildings 1, 2, 6, 7, 8A, 8B, 9, 10, as well as in the new building 3, which completes the decoration of facades. "Implementation of flats in accordance with 214-FZ. On sale are offered one-bedroom (58,5-60,5 sq. area. M), doubles (76,25-90,4 sq. M) and three (102,9-110,7 sq. M) apartment. Prices per square meter ranges from 77.6 thousand rubles. "- Says Maria Litinetskaya (MIEL-New).

The business-class apartments with walls you can buy, for example, in the town of Pushkin (Micro Serebryanka). They offer 1,2,3,4-komnktnye apartments from 13.8 to 111.4 square meters. m in a 4-section house a variable number of storeys (18-22-17-14 floors). "The residential complex will be built garage and a sports complex, repair shops, stores, and an artificial lake with landscaped shores. Today completed the installation of home life GC - 1 sq. km. 2011, a square meter costs an average of 61 thousand rubles. ", - Says Sergey Yakir (ABC Housing).

A flat with the walls and trim are offered, such as LCD Yaroslavl (Mytishchi): "The objects are dealt with wallpaper and laminate, plastic glass windows, doors, fixtures and intercom. The cost of a one-room apartment (34,4-37,4 sq. M) - from 2.87 million rubles., A two-bedroom (56-60,4 sq. M) - from 4.1 million rubles. "- Says Maria Litinetskaya (MIEL-New).

Summary log www.metrinfo.ru

Today in Moscow and its suburbs can be bought as apartments with partitions (with or without repair), and objects of "open plan", although in business class, not to mention the premium segment, preglagayutsya mostly the latter. Apartment with the walls though there are slightly more expensive similar without walls, "can save on design and construction works, and move into a new house immediately after their delivery to the CC, that's only to realize their design ideas at the same time will not work.
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