Apartment in Kharkov scam: residents reported that their home is sold

23.05.2011 10:28
Articles about real estate | Apartment in Kharkov scam: residents reported that their home is sold Living in a house at the address: street timurovtsi, 31 "H-5" from day to day can be on the streets. According to Kharkiv, a month ago, they learned that the apartments have a different owner. Alleged seller of apartment has concluded two contracts for the sale with a difference in a month. However, the former owner assured: he and the tenants were victims of another scam, writes today.

House on the street timurovtsi, 31 "H-5" - the building of the former military barracks. Several years ago, Kharkiv businessman Alexander Kosinov bought the house, making the repairs and began selling one-bedroom apartments, all them in the house - 123. Area - from 32 square meters, can be sold in installments or a loan. This ad adorns the side wall of the house till now. Anna Kovtun, bought an apartment here in October 2009, a woman living with her daughter. The sale contract assured by all the rules: a notary and gorBTI.

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However, a month ago, Anna found out that the flat is the other owner. "It turned out that a month before we bought their apartments, Kosinov through proxies entered into a contract of sale with a certain Nicholas S. - says Anna. - However, the treaty was drawn up on an ordinary sheet of A4, in addition, it was not notarized. Nevertheless, C. asked the court to acknowledge his ownership. " Economic Court of Appeal sided with the latter-day owner, and on April 12 this year, has secured him the title to 80 apartments.

The fact that the apartments are the subject of litigation, residents have learned, lived in the house more than six years. More than that - no court drew them as third parties. "At first Kosinov assured us that we have nothing to worry about and it will figure everything out - says a resident of the house, Olga. - But after a while came and said that he lost the court, and invited ourselves to solve their problems. "

Residents do not rule out that their apartments are sold, prior agreement. "As far as we know, Kosinov took a house in a mortgage - says Anna Kovtun. - 11 September 2009 the court found the contract null and void the mortgage. And just on the same day Kosinov enters into a contract of sale with MS, and a month later - with us. What is interesting, almost all the apartments were sold in one day. And those who sell directly failed, copied to the front men. In addition, at the request of Kosinova in the contract we have indicated that they had bought the apartment he did not over $ 25,000, and 20 thousand hryvnia, so he pays less taxes. "

Alexander himself Kosinov says: apartments really sold on the cheap. According to him, with C. he did not sign, and tenants are simply victims of fraud. "I have no contract with AS has not concluded, there is not my signature, this is all pure fiction - assures Kosinov. - Do people just want to take away their apartment! ".

According to residents, last week, S. Failed to register the apartment in the BTI. "In this case, no court has recognized our treaties null and void" - says Anna Kovtun. Voluntarily move out of the house people will not. Apartment owners have appealed to the mayor, governor and president, and appealed against the decision of Economic Court of Appeal.

A common scam

The lawyer said Artyom Lihvara, the victim of such scams can be any person. "This is called a hidden ownership property of: a person has a contract of sale but does not register it, and then submits its rights" - said the lawyer.


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