Apartment, destroying the family

18.10.2010 06:52
It is unlikely that the universe around us someday be known and mastered by the end. Unexplained phenomena and fall down on the small and defenseless man with the intensity of the enemy's shrapnel. He remains the only measure forces to adapt, evade or to pretend that nothing much is happening. But neither the one nor the other, nor the third does not work when the inexplicable is not just happening, but it starts to control your life.

Couple, which we want to tell you, have lived together so long that the family storm and emotional breakdowns, it would seem, were left far behind. Children (daughter and son) grew up and scattered in all directions. My son had his own business in Russia, and his daughter lived with her family abroad, taught at the famous university and conducted research. Ahead were years of prosperity and quiet joy.

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May not even be a very quiet, considering that during this period they had fallen unexpected wealth: children, in conjunction with a gift to the anniversary of the wedding, dumped in front of parents unimaginable pile of money. At the same time severely punished to use it efficiently, ie to move from a tiny "kopeck piece on the outskirts of Moscow (the same one where the family lived all his life) in some more convenient and proper location of the apartment.

Reasonably have been several: First, if you want to pick an area will not work in two hours (and husband and wife worked at the center, with her husband - a very intense). Secondly, if the apartment is spacious, the children will not have guilt complex when they will pop their ancestors grandchildren. Thirdly ... to list pros not particularly required. And the mother and father already fed up with living area, and against the expansion of living space they had no objections.

Began the search for a suitable option. After some time, was found dream apartment - spacious, in the center, overlooking a quiet courtyard. She liked everything. Even her daughter, especially to find time has arrived to inspect the new family nest and did not find any flaw in the acquisition. It only remains to conclude a deal to settle the formalities to get the keys and begin repairs.

It was at this time, old friend of our heroine seduced her to take part in some small, harmless adventure. She met a fortune teller. All of your friends recommended the prophetess, as a phenomenon and a miracle, whose prophecies come true in 99 cases out of a hundred. But to go one was somehow afraid.

Here's a friend and come in with a heroine for our moral support. That absolutely did not want to take part in a campaign to "sharlatanke" (just so she could identify the professional membership oracle), but, heeding pleas friend still went. What did she lose? Currently anyone's guess at it and in my thoughts was not, and must help her friend, even if it's going to make foolish.

I do not know how it happened, but our heroine is not confined to the role of witness and support. Quite unwittingly, she still has her share of divination.

Fortune-teller was absolutely normal aunt in a shabby tracksuit. And she has friends not in the dark room, draped shimmering fabrics, and the light a little candle-end candle teplyaschegosya throwing quivering glare on a magical crystal ball. Maps decomposed into ordinary kitchen table in a small, pretty neat kitchenette panel Khrushchev, lighted the lamp under the bright red shade.

Perhaps it is the triviality of the entourage and provoked our heroine drawn into the game. The first words of the fortune-teller alerted her: "You are standing on the threshold of change. The fact that you have purchased, would bring losses. " The requirement to explain a fortune teller told me that if our heroine will not abandon the new house (yes, she mentioned a new house, though to know about it could not!), It will not save the family. "You will have a new apartment, and her husband's new wife. Not later than one year "- has been predicting a nasty aunt.

We can not say that women came from the fortune-teller in ferklempted. That is a friend of several alarmed, but our heroine said to herself and the world that all this nonsense to believe that a reasonable woman is not stuck. On arrival home she shared with her husband their feelings. Yes and no particular experience was not. At least they were not so serious to me because of their plans and abandon a great apartment.

And then everything went on as usual: a deal done, and began repairs. Couple agreed that the husband during the repair will continue to work, and his wife will leave and look after that all went wrong.

And everything is good, if not for the fact that her husband's work required that he has enough frequent absences. And when he was in Moscow, he rarely came home to some certain hour. That meeting, the experiment, then something else - his whole life he was detained, as she waited for him, doing their business. But one thing - an established way of life and habitual tardiness, and quite another - looking forward with samples of the new tiles in your hand or the problem of choosing the correct wiring.

In addition to repairs, inconvenience, and provocative claims, there was another important factor. The wife does not go out of my head is unfortunate augury. It was funny and embarrassing, but every time, meeting her husband from work, she gazed into his face, trying to discern the change. To her dismay, the changes in the favorite did not take long.

Why, when he got home, he's looking at me? Why did not kiss at parting? Why come later than usual and does not tell what happened? Why did not he ask about repair? Why did he barely looked at samples of wallpaper and said that she chose herself? Does he care? Is he really not interested in their new home? Is he really not interested in it? Does started what is predicted by a fortune teller?

Millions of questions were swarming in her head, giving no rest. In the end, she broke down and threw a huge scandal. Male very surprised and tried to calm his wife, writing off its state of fatigue of repair. So he entered and when it next fall. But later it was worse. "Yeah, he does not even justify - the poor woman had complained of his faithful friend. - It is clear that he is someone! "

A friend tried to somehow calm and reassure the husband tried to appear less often at home, and his face when he met his wife really felt guilty. Scandals have increased and becomes chronic.

Needless to say, less than a year, as the family broke up, in almost complete agreement with the sad prediction. The only thing that did not happen - does not appear the new young wife. But this is trivia. In the main, a fortune teller was right! Although unlikely this was the consolation of our heroine.

Comment psychologist Barbara Sidorova:
In psychology, the phenomenon known as self-fulfilling prophecy. And here we see his example. These are prophecies, predictions, any signs that coincide with the repressed fears or presented to a person in such a way that causes high anxiety, even if the person had not thought about anything like that.

In the first instance it is caught by impressionable people and inspires, if the prediction is made in such a way that excites them anxiety. But not even really instilled in people, if the prediction coincides with their secret fears begin to behave in such a way as predicted will inevitably happen.

Their behavior, they contribute to the fact that the prophecy was fulfilled. And when that starts to happen, what may seem like an onset of action predicted by the evil rock music (such as a husband, began to show displeasure and outrage), it only proves that the prophecy was true, and leads to increased destructive behavior.

And when a man with his hands digs a deeper hole and gets into it, he was pleased to note that a fortune teller was very good, in contrast to the fate and her husband, who, after all that's bad, suck really bad.

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