Apartment complexes in Kiev

25.10.2010 11:48
Apartment complexes in Kiev At the moment there is a trend of increasing demand for apartments in large apartment complexes. Large LCD with an area exceeding 300,000 square feet at this time success came because of some reasons.

The first of them - if carried out construction of the first complex, does this mean for buyers that will be built and the second and third. Also, a plus for tenants in this case is a well-developed infrastructure, availability adjacent to the home territory, as well as its own parking lot, write Socmart.

According to specialists Socmart, the biggest problem are the objects in Kiev, which do not have adequate infrastructure and the environment since it does not matter how smart is the house - it is very strongly impairs its assessment by users.

With respect to cost of sales of flats in such houses, for construction companies implementation of such projects requires much greater investment than the simple houses that are built once, due to the large-scale work, respectively, and their sales price is much higher, but that's the cost of the second and third queues are already significantly lower than the houses that stand alone.

Specialists report - raising the following turn, eliminates the need for more studies of soil and do not need to reconstruct the communication and utility networks, as these works come to an end until the company builds the first place. In addition, in most cases eliminates the need for a construction site, as very often they suffer from the first.

In this case, selling an apartment second phase, there is no need to make serious advertising costs for branding, as the image in the market already established for some time, and he was laid in the house even when you create the first stage.

Relative to the location of residential complexes, there is a problem on the face - in Kiev, now there is shortage of land, so these objects are often erected in residential areas, and the place where the past is an industrial facility.

At this point in Kiev there are 8 residential complexes, the total area of 300,000 square meters, and the price of apartments is growing, from 11,870 hryvnia per 1 square meter to 17 thousand hryvnia per 1 square meter.
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