Buyers of apartments should prepare for the additional costs

14.11.2013 01:15
Articles about real estate | Apartment buyers should bear the additional costs Expenses on purchase of an apartment is not limited to the payment of its cost to the seller. Therefore, when purchasing a property, the buyer should be prepared to bear additional costs, which are listed below. First of all, it should be noted that the sales contract is always the notarial form, and the parties to such agreement shall bear the expenses on payment of notary services.

Obligation to pay the notary services, the law does not assigned to a specific party to the Treaty, and therefore the buyer and seller should agree in advance on who will bear these costs.

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Similar situation is in connection with the payment of the state duty of 1 % of the assessed value of the apartment (in the case of the notarization by a notary public), payment of which the parties also recommend you to arrange in advance.

The buyer must be prepared to ensure that the seller will propose to incur the costs in equal parts.

Due to the current legislation of Ukraine, a property buyer must pay the fee for mandatory pension insurance in the amount of 1% from cost of an apartment specified in the contract of sale.

Note that with the entry into force of the decree of CMU №231 of 04.03.2013, which approved the Procedure of assessment for the purposes of taxation and payments other obligatory payments, the order is binding and, upon payment of other mandatory payments, which are paid in accordance with the legislation of Ukraine. Therefore, when calculating, Refine the notary what base to take in the basis for tax assessment value of the apartments or the value specified in the contract of sale.

It is important to consider that the Resolution of the Board of the National Bank of Ukraine # 210 06.06.2013, had a limit on the maximum sum of cash payments. Thus, from September 1, 2013 under purchase and sale contracts, which are subject to notarization, concluded between individuals, the maximum amount of the payments in the form of cash amounts to UAH 150 thousand.

Individuals have the right to carry out calculations for the amount exceeding UAH 150 thousand, by transferring funds from current account to the current account, Deposit and/or transfer of cash funds on current accounts (including notary's Deposit on separate current account in the national currency).

We recommend to contact the specialists of the banking institution for obtaining comprehensive services cashless payment under the contract of purchase-sale of real estate. In addition, the buyer should remember that the settlements in Ukraine made in the national currency, so if it has a foreign currency, you should always consider the fact of possible costs when it is translated into Ukrainian hryvnias.

Further, if the buyer has resorted to the help of a realtor in the selection and search of habitation, he must be ready to pay for services rendered to the data of the mediator. Generally, this amount is determined in percentage from the cost of housing and recommend this amount to stipulate in advance.

To summarize all of the foregoing, once again recall what extra costs should prepare the buyer when buying an apartment: the notary fees, state duty in the amount of 1 %, fee for mandatory pension insurance in the amount of 1 %, expenses on payment of cost of the property in the form of cash, the services of a mediator. 
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