Apartment, bought for £ 5,000, went up to 400 times

18.08.2011 12:01
Articles about real estate | Apartment, bought for £ 5,000, went up to 400 times One of the streets in the town of St. Andrews in Scotland this week once again hit the headlines as the habitat of millionaires: a two-level apartment in one of the modest houses were put up for sale for £ 1750 000, that is, almost, for two million euros.

As the Scotland On Sunday, in the 1957 apartment at number 14A on the street, The Links were purchased for £ 5250 and grandparents present owner. Today, this sum would be equivalent to £ 99 000 (€ 115 846). After his parents died, the British pensioners Dottie Kennedy and her husband, Colin became the owners of the fabulously expensive real estate.

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Despite the fact that the apartment of the Kennedy family has only three bedrooms, and there is not even your own garden, there is a buyer for it. The fact that the windows of each floor offers a panoramic view of the famous Old Course - venue for British Open - British Open Championship golf.

In 1957, golf has not yet acquired such a mass popularity in the UK, while remaining true mark of Scottish life. But over the past fifty years, relating to the sport in the world has changed. As a result, risen and property in the immediate vicinity of the "sacred" for the golf fans of lawn that was planted new grass in the 18th century, as well as the playing field and used for several centuries before, said "Prian.ru".

Last year, one of the houses in the Lynx was sold for 4 million pounds (€ 4,680,651) and became the most expensive residential facility in Scotland. The price of one "square" in the house was £ 1350 (€ 1580) - comparable to the premium housing in London and Monaco. The price per sq ft, house neighbors Kennedy even made it to the list of most expensive residential real estate in the world.

Having just a few meters, you can find luxury apartments in the historic hotel building Hamilton Grand, at the price of £ 1,35 million It follows from the windows of many apartments and houses on the street Lynx do not always see the actual field, but due to its location, they are still are very much appreciated. Given the fact that the 2016 golf officially joins the Olympic Games, the cost of such housing is increasing. Similar trends can be observed with regard to housing prices, located near the soccer fields. In connection with the development of a culture of golf in Russia, the most wealthy of our compatriots also be interested in these objects.

Most of the houses in the Lynx was built in the mid-19th century. Subsequently, many of them repeatedly is built, some "grown" even up to five floors. With regard to commercial real estate, one end of the street is limited to the hotel Rusacks Hotel, the other goes to the convenience store for the game of golf with old-fashioned sign Old Tom Morris. The vast number of buildings on the street belong to the golf clubs and sports communities, as well as during the championships, are used as holiday homes by wealthy players and fans of the style of respectable pastime.

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