Any Ukrainian has a constitutional right to land

13.10.2010 10:03
Any Ukrainian has a constitutional right to land Head of the State Committee for Land Resources of Ukraine Igor Lysenko initiates a resolution "On the free registration and issuance of state acts on land to certain categories of citizens in 2010."

Experts believe that SLC is guided primarily by the fear that emerge from the machinations of the land, and not caring about those who can not pay for the registration of state certificate, writes UBR.

"All the work on registration of land is still not free. The fact that the issuance of the act implies the implementation of geodetic works, works for inclusion in the files, but it's necessary to pay," - said in an exclusive comment UBR.UA expert at the Center Razumkov Vladimir Zhmutsky.

According to him, if for it will not pay a person interested in obtaining the land act, it must make the state. But since there is no money in the treasury, then the work no one will be no.

"The ruling, which was issued by Yulia Tymoshenko, in fact, suspended all processes. The State can still draw on paper, but in kind, not the land of no measure. Already, there are plenty of cases where the same plot granted permission to several people. It happens that the boundaries do not coincide, and areas of lap one another. It is better to make a clearance for the money, but certainly, with the involvement of specialists, "- says Zhmutsky.

Therefore, in this view, an initiative of the State Committee on the extension of free land registration acts before the year is under an other motives.

"So there they want or to curry favor with the new leadership, or, as seems to me that the Committee just reported on the front, recording, allegedly of land that have not yet been issued, and now they want to hide it," - said the expert.

"I would advise the new leadership of the State Committee to make an inventory of land and see what is actually delivered, and what is given only" on paper "- says Zhmutsky.

Earlier, the head of lands of industry, nature conservation and land monitoring Goskomzem Sergei Chernoshtan claimed that free of charge for processing and issuing of state acts negatively affected, primarily on the most vulnerable people - pensioners, war veterans, disabled people and victims of disaster Chornobilskoy . Therefore, in his opinion, should take measures to ensure the constitutional rights of the land is in these categories of citizens.

We remind the Cabinet of Ministers Decree № 844 on August 5, 2009 reduced the amount of funds provided for the free registration and allocation of the citizens of state certificate of land with 5.954 billion USD to 507.785 mln.

In addition, 26 August 2009 the Cabinet adopted a decree, which simplifies the procedure for obtaining public acts of use, particularly for acts of users of the land was enough to turn the heads of city and village councils, which will be required to submit relevant documents for acts of SLC.

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