Ani Lorak looking for ... in the swamp!

21.08.2009 00:00
Articles about real estate | Ani Lorak looking for ... in the swamp!
We visited the cottage house, where, is likely to be family nest Carolina and Murat Nalkakioglu. But while the "nest" - in the building "forests", but around the frogs croak.
Tomorrow, Caroline and Murat on the Turkish coast finally otgulyayut wedding. And the question immediately arises: where are the newlyweds will live on his return to Ukraine? Rather, in the cottage "Zeus" - a New Year gift to his lover Murad. Cottage with "Olympic" name located in the cottage town "Olympic Park» 20-kilometer route Zhitomir, Kiev pishetGazeta on.
On the concept of "complex European level, having no analogues in the CIS", here - that neither the "Zeus", the "Athens" yes "Apollo". Winter gift yet built, but in September the first line of houses had to be ready for occupancy. Having been in town, we saw: "pledge - not to marry. I mean - by September, Caroline and Murat in the family nest is clearly not enter.
On the track, before turning to the town, paint shield "Olimpik Park»: Ласкаво просимо! "With a portrait of Ani Lorak. Behind him - an impressive building the fence, posters which promise paradise: swimming pools, lawns, courts ... Immediately - sign: "Private Spaces. Entrance forbidden "and stern security guard in camouflage:

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- Skip!
- We are from the newspaper, we want to write about your town.
- Nitsche not know. Skipping!
We show the editorial license - does not work, "mollify" 10 minutes - does not yield. None of that no hope: "There will also be Ani Lorak live! Well, let-and-they look. The guard starts to fuss, waving his hands: "This is a private area! No one is not here! Go away "- and angrily removed in the shed, from which the appetizing smell of borscht.
Intelligent characters are always going to bypass ": driving along the road further, drove in with. Kolonschyna. There - the classic rural landscape: two well-fed women and elderly men sit politely on a bench along the fence.
- How to get to the "Olympic Park"?
- What?
- Well, cottage village there you ... houses.
- A little houses! - Encouraged by the man. - This is your left, then - right, and then - to the acacias.
- Did you know that there Ani Lorak will live?
- Ani Lorak? - Wonder woman. - And that's right, let him live! Good spot!
From acacia promised to unprotected "rear" of the town - still go on and on: for generously manured field, through the stream, and then - through the swamp, pushing through the grass in half of human growth. But - no protection!
Upon arrival, understand: there is no end of work. Only one street is a ready-made home, but around them - nothing: no tracks, no lawns, no street lamps. Not to mention the promised park "with man-made ponds and shops, restaurants, kindergartens. And the owners have apparently finished cottages, apparently not: each decorate a plate with the price (about $ 250 thousand) and the inscription SALE (Sale).
But even if these homes have deposited, as promised, in September - to live in them is unlikely to be comfortable, because around (including on the streets of Rome, where, apparently, is "Zeus" Ani Lorak) - solid construction. Yes, and advertised around the protected forest is not observed: in the town - the sand around him - all the same swamp. And the frogs croak - Romance!

House "Zeus" in figures
Total area - 228.4 square. m
Living area - 122, 38 m
Land area - 15 hectare
Approximate cost of the house and lot - $ 228 thousand
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