«The results of our work can not hide»

03.11.2010 12:20
«The results of our work can not hide» Correspondent Portal Zagorodna.com met with Deputy Head of Planning and Architecture and Infrastructure Development of Kyiv Regional State Administration Andrei Nikolayevich Ponomarev and asked him to describe the activities of, major infrastructure projects, projects on Euro 2012 and much more.

-Andrei N., please tell us about the work of management in terms of meetings architectural council.
«The results of our work can not hide»In-Office, employs a full regional architectural and planning council, which is an advisory body created for professional and peer review of town planning and design documentation. But the function of approving the design of materials does not belong. It is the prerogative of the customer. Solution Architecture and Town Planning Council are advisory, but taking into account that the Council are the most professional city planning and architectural professionals Profile Ukraine, and final approval, necessarily included the summarized results of consideration of design issues for the results of the meetings.

In 2010 there were 9 sessions architectural council, which was generally considered 35 projects, including: 23 urban planning projects, 12 construction projects.

Among the most important urban planning projects that received positive decisions on the basis of the Council: planning scheme area Motizhin Makarov district village council, village council Schaslyvskoyi Borispol district, master plans s.Myhaylivka-Rubezhivka, s.Zabuchchya, s.Yurivka, s.Hmilna (Kiev-Kiev is) s.Nescheriv (Obukhiv District) s.Puhivka (Brovarskogo area).

Among the most significant projects of construction of separate facilities - commercial and entertainment and hotel complex in s.Hodosivka, multi-storey residential blocks and houses on the street. Railway and street. Deputy in Bucha, on the street. Karl Marx in Irpen; on the street. Gagarin Nemishayeve in the village, in the neighborhood "Sotsgorod" in Borispol.

-Sir Andrew, tell us about important infrastructure projects of Kiev region.
-The most important infrastructure project that is being implemented currently in the Kyiv region, is the construction of the Big ring road around Kiev, the total length is more than 200th km. And whereas such a powerful traffic artery necessarily lead to active development of engineering, logistics, commercial and service facilities in the nearby territories, the implementation of the above mentioned project has really poliinfrastrukturnyy status. However, promising the construction of this level is the first in the country since independence, which is given in terms of global land privatization. Just passing the general direction VKAD on private land causes permanent inhibition of process design and construction.

-And as the Kiev region is preparing for Euro 2012?
-Kiev region of Ukraine during the football championship Euro 2012 will serve mainly a transit function. Although the national target program for the preparation and holding in Ukraine of finals of 2012 provided a large number of objects of different functions in the region. The most relevant are still transport infrastructure and related facilities. Providing comfortable movement and maintenance of fans and guests on the way from the place of arrival, and almost to the stadium - that's the main area of work in this aspect. Temporary storage terminals, hotels, dining - are also important, but basic - is high quality transport links.

Air gate Kyiv has an international airport "Borispol" - item number 1 training field for Euro 2012. To determine its future sustainable ways of functioning, SE Kyyivdiprotrans "is being developed by a new draft master plan for airport development, which must be addressed reservation issue areas for a potential increase in capacity, engineering support, organizing transport. Already developed a feasibility study on construction of railway communication Kiev - Boryspil International Airport. Available can be seen as reconstruction of existing and build new terminal complex. Recently, when the President of Ukraine, the grand opening of the terminal «F».

But there are still outstanding issues in some other areas of training.

Given that some of the fans during the championship between the host country Poland and Ukraine will move by road, a big burden may fall on the route Kyiv-Kovel. In this connection the question arises road expansion, which has some problems within the village Gostomel.

-I ask you to tell the planning scheme of the Kyiv region
In-area planning schemes at the regional level are determined by measures of state policy and national interests are taken into account during the planning of these areas, their historical, economic, environmental, geographic and demographic peculiarities, ethnic and cultural traditions.

Planning Scheme the Kyiv region developed in the framework of the development of urban planning in the Kiev region for 2007-2010, which approved the decision of the Kiev regional council of 30.03.2007r. Number 110-10-V.

The following work orders on our management, performs State Enterprise NDPImistobuduvannya. According to the contract, which provides 13 main stages of development schemes, to date actually written 6. Data phases of the study completed the current state of territory of the region and made the plan. Although, the development schemes planned completion in late 2010, in connection with the development of a new master plan of Kiev, there was a certain appropriateness postponement of interrelated planning decisions for urban planning and Kyiv region.

-And if possible, in your opinion, association Kyiv region in the future?
-The situation is really unique. Kyiv region only in Ukraine, which has no regional center. Kyiv has a separate capital and status within a time considered the formation of relatively self-sufficient in the existing limits. But becoming a European capital and related functions, disparity between industrial powers and industrially, active town-planning activity the last decade have shown discrepancy rates of development of the territory, but because in his time, began thinking of expanding the boundaries. However, under the current legislative provision of administrative and territorial structure unlikely to change the boundaries, and to satisfy our capital development on the controlled areas is impossible. Therefore, when developing a new general development plan was launched in Kyiv the term "area of common interest", or "suburban area - the Kyiv region, directly adjacent to the city and from which part will be decided in the direction of development of the capital allocation of transport, logistics, infrastructure, transfer of production facilities, creation of recreational areas, construction of new housing. Scheme of the designated zones developed within the new general plan, but has no legally defined status. To coordinate planning structures territories Kyiv region and the entry into force of the legal scheme of design solutions of common interest areas (suburbs) requested the Office to carry out its development in parallel with the planning scheme area of the Kiev region, adjacent to the city of Kyiv.

Thus, the administrative unification of Kyiv and Kyiv region should not be expected soon, but the integration issues aimed at sustainable and beneficial use of areas that a priori are within the direct impact of the city, decided today. To confirm the position and to implement the above intentions from the city and region 29/09/2010, solemnly signed a memorandum on cooperation between Kyiv City State Administration and Kyiv Regional State Administration in the field of socio-economic, scientific, humanitarian and cultural development of urban areas .

-Do region construction plan satellite cities of Kyiv?
-The question probably is not created new towns, and in the development of existing settlements that are located in the zone of Kyiv. Create a new administrative unit near the capital is not planned, but to solve common issues of city and region through the sustainable development of cities-satellites - is a real necessity.
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