Analysts have identified the most favorable time to buy a flat

18.03.2011 07:20
Articles about real estate | Analysts have identified the most favorable time to buy a flat For the beginning of the year (January, February) is characterized by a stable situation is calm in the market. Number of transactions increases by March. With the start of spring growing demand for inexpensive apartments, and by April of active buyers of more expensive homes. Sustained demand for luxury items, usually before the May holidays.

In late April - May, a growing number of alternative transactions. At this time, people are trying to improve their living conditions.

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Summer - time of activity of those buyers who are not in a hurry. Summer is easier to haggle because buyers in the market is not much faster and sellers make concessions. This is the most auspicious time for the quiet good bargains. By late summer, the housing market, new players, the market grows, as many try to make a deal before the start of autumn is characteristic of higher prices for apartments.

Autumn holiday season ends and the market is most often recorded increased activity, the number of transactions, prices rise. In November, demand and expensive luxury apartments and housing "economy class".

In December, the real estate market is characterized by heterogeneous demand. By year-end buyers seeking primarily to complete the transaction counter to how the country will go on long New Year holidays.
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