"Amnesty" for developers: not so simple

07.09.2010 09:10
A simplified procedure for the adoption of maintenance of residential homesteads, cottage and garden will operate only until the end of the year. Thousands of Ukrainians, who once built a hut in the village or cottage without a permit for construction, last year made it possible to legalize those buildings. Indeed, since October 15, 2009 became effective ruling Cabinet, which approved the interim order of adoption in the operation of such unauthorized buildings.<br /><br />But how is a "simplification" is in practice? On this subject the conversation "Express" with the Institute's director of design and construction expertise Sergei Tyutyunnikov.<br /><br /><strong>- Sergey V., remind me, please, what objects of immovable property subject to this ruling?</strong><br />- They are clearly defined in the document. First of all - private residential farmsteads, cottages and garden houses with outbuildings and buildings erected by August 5, 1992. And also - private residential farmsteads, cottages and garden homes with a total area of 200 square meters, inclusive, the number of floors above ground which does not exceed two, with the economic structures and buildings with total area of 100 square meters, constructed from 5 August 1992 to January 1, 2008 th.<br /><br />Subject to the provisions and homes of the same type with a total area of 350 square meters, together with the economic structures and buildings with a total area of up to 150 "squares", postroennyei at the same time, and housing area of more than 350 square meters.<br /><br /><strong>- As for simplified procedure should be put into operation such objects?</strong><br />- In contrast to the general, it does not require the development and approval of project documentation and significantly reduces the number of permits and approvals. Commissioning of these facilities is based on statements by the developer, which must be submitted before 31 December 2010 to inspect the public building control according to their location.<br /><br /><strong>- And then what?</strong><br />- The inspection gives developers a fee based on the certificate of conformity of public buildings construction norms, standards and regulations. The cost of certification for residential buildings up to 200 square meters. m is 0,1% of the minimum wage, up to 350 square meters. m - 0,3%, more than 350 square meters. m - 0,6%.<br /><br />When unauthorized construction would have to pay more and a fine (5 to 10 non-taxable minimum).<br /><br /><strong>-What other documents should be submitted to developers?</strong><br />- Help-consent of the local government on the legalization of such an object and the conclusion of the technical condition of the house, drawn up by the BTI. In the private residential farmsteads, cottages and garden houses with a total area of 350 square meters and no longer appears a document certifying the ownership or use of land.<br /><br /><strong>-Are there many in Ukraine this type of unauthorized housing?</strong><br />- According to forecasts, only in rural areas the number of missed in the operation of such homes - 1.5 million. Many developers have already taken advantage of this simplification. The main stream of calls about this, as I know, already exhausted.<br /><br /><strong>-What are the greatest challenges facing the field, those who wish to legalize such a structure?</strong><br />-K, we sought the help of the community garden, where there are 65 houses. By all measures, they fall under the ruling. But they gave us 65 failures. Like, go to court. I think such examples abound.<br /><br />By the way, recently in the State Architectural and Construction Inspection Board was held on this issue. It is noticed that often on the ground, before issuing a certificate, the consent of the local government on the legalization of such an object, which requires a number of additional documents <em>that are not covered by current legislation. So much easier ...<br /><br />Les YASINCHUK, Express </em><br />
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