American built mini home to avoid mortgage

21.12.2013 01:00
Articles about real estate | American built mini home to avoid mortgage Once divorced and lost for the debts of his house, 27-year-old Macy decided once and for all abandon credit and need to rent housing. Tiny house area of ​​only 18 square meters. m woman only cost $ 11 416.16 , while the most expensive in the whole kit proved bio- toilet cost $ 2000 , reports Daily Mail. In building a house ( entirely from environmentally friendly materials ) helped Macy father , and later - a new boyfriend .

Macy idea came in a dream before she drew attention to the significant increase in the amount of housing in the tiny country. Served basis at home Trailed platform and compactly inside all rooms necessary for life , including work area and a full bathroom . Needless to say, that in the house all communications - plumbing and electricity .

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Here is a list of objects and materials that formed the final cost of the house :

$ 500 - platform trailer - trailer
$ 375 - floor
$ 1,000 - insulating materials
$ 300 - plywood sheets , wire, trim , cables and boxes
$ 30.97 - electric Black and Decker, lighting
$ 105.28 - Electric panel and accessories
$ 2,000 - composting toilet
$ 45 - sink
$ 701.83 - Roofing Materials
$ 579.09 - plumbing
$ 534.06 - drywall screws / nails, metal corners , duct tape
$ 518, 21 - floor and wall tiles
$ 886 - washer and dryer
$ 359.98 - boiler

" In my house there is no corner that would not be used wisely ," - says Macy. - "For example, leading up to my bed at the same time steps are drawers, I also have many built-in shelves and cabinets ." Some of the shelves woman decided to leave open to visually enlarge a small space of his house.

During construction it was not without trouble : Macy fell from the roof of the house , and she had to spend several weeks on crutches. However, a woman full of ideas and hopes to put the production of fuel-efficient and environmentally friendly homes on stream.
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