American Bank of illegally evicting non-paying mortgage

15.03.2011 17:04
In the Internet there was a closed corporate correspondence employees Bank of America - the largest U.S. bank by assets. She has published a group of hackers Anonimus, associated with the organization WikiLeaks. On it informs edition of The Daily Telegraph, wrote reporter.

According to documents posted on the website, the bank without legitimate reason, pick up housing for people who took mortgages and stopped paying interest.

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As noted, if a bank customer stops paying interest on a mortgage, the court may leave the housing in its use, provided that he could after some time to start re-paying the mortgage. If the bank can prove insolvency of the borrower, it may deprive him of his right to stay in the house and sell homes.

Founder Julian Assange WikiLeaks late last year, said in an interview with Forbes, he has hundreds of thousands of incriminating documents relating to the "outrageous violations and unethical behavior," Banks, in particular, the Bank of America. He promised to publish them, if there is a threat of his extradition to the U.S.. However, the publication of the beginning not WikiLeaks, a group Anonimus.

Late last year, she attacked the websites of U.S.companies that have refused to cooperate with WikiLeaks. Hackers Group Anonimus claim that a former employee of one of the units Bank of America - Balboa insurance company gave them e-mails, screenshots, documents and statements by company employees.

Balboa Company was engaged, including homeowners insurance. In internal correspondence of the company, which was published by hackers Anonimus, stating that employees Balboa intended to remove certain documents from the files relating to insured homes. Representatives of Bank of America claimed that the published correspondence does not apply to cases of deprivation of rights under the Americans' mortgages and their eviction.

It was reported earlier referring to the newspaper Kommersant-Ukraina, that Bank of America became the focus of scandal. Hackers posted a net documents showing that the fear of revelations from the site WikiLeaks, the bank charged three private consulting companies which had experience in sensitive government contracts, to develop a program to discredit and destroy the scandalous resource

As the newspaper notes, among the proposed bank is not entirely legitimate means - throw in false documents, hacker attacks and pressure on journalists. This story came out out by Barry Aron, who heads HBGary Federal - Washington-based company that provides services in the field of information security.
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