Alupkinskiy city council accused of allocating land to citizens Koreiz

27.08.2010 17:28
Articles about real estate | Alupkinskiy city council accused of allocating land to citizens Koreiz Koreizsky village council appealed to the authorities and the prosecuting authorities with a request to verify compliance with the City Council Alupkinskiy legal norms in the allocation of land outside Alupki, particularly in the Koreizskogo soviet.

According to a statement soviet, a text of which agency e-Crimea, in 2007, "new leadership Alupka City Council beginning in fact raid seizing land owned by Koreizskoy township communities."

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In 2002, the decision of the Verkhovna Rada of Crimea "On approval of the settlement boundaries Koreiz" were approved by the boundaries of the village, its area - 355 hectares including 23 hectares - the land of environmental significance (Miskhorsky park). In 2003, the border Koreiz were made in nature and compatible with neighboring land users, as stressed in the village council, evidenced by the act, which has a signature Alupka mayor and city council Alupki print.

However, in 2007, the Economic Court of Crimea took a decision revoking the decision Koreizskogo soviet of determining the boundaries of the village, and the court decision was made in the village council insist on the basis of forged documents filed by the representative of Alupka City Council. In particular, the court was given a letter signed by the alleged Koreizskim village head, in which he denies the existence of established boundaries of the village. The Sevastopol appeals court overturned the decision of Economic Court of the Crimea, but the representatives of the City Council Alupka contested appellate court decision in the Supreme Administrative Court of Ukraine.

Pending a decision of the Supreme Administrative Court City Council has allocated land to two individuals in Koreizskogo soviet.

In connection with this Koreizsky village council called on the authorities and law enforcement officers to check the legality of land allocation Alupkinskiy City Council in Koreiz, the results of testing to measure the prosecutor's response on the facts of forgery, falsifying evidence, abuse of authority.
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