All plots should be differentiating marks

30.07.2010 12:39
This is the Order N 376 of the State Committee on Land Resources "On Approval of Instruction on establishing (re-) the limits of land in kind (on site) and their incorporation land-marks," which was to come into force on 30 July 2010. However, the order of the Committee N542 of 19 July date of entry into force of the Regulations was postponed to January 1, 2011, writes League.

Establishment (renewal) limits the land is carried out to determine in situ (on site) metric data of land, including the location of the turning points of its limits and consolidate their land-marks.

According to the document, the landmarks are not installed:

- In the common turning points of the limits of adjacent land, which previously set landmarks. In this case, in advance of the landmark used for the description of each of adjacent land (adjacent land) of the relevant documentation from the land;

- In places where their installation is not possible (due to obstruction for pedestrians and vehicles on water bodies at the Prohibition of the excavation, and the like). In this case the turning points of the limits of the land can affect marking paint;

- The willingness of the owner (user) - if the limits of land in kind (on site) coincide with natural and artificial line structures and boundaries (rivers, streams, canals, shelterbelts, roads, Puteyskaya buildings, fences, barriers, facades of buildings and other linear structures and boundaries, and the like).

Landmarks, which were installed with the purpose of fixing the limits of land in kind (on site) for the entry into force of this order is valid and should be replaced only with the free circulation of the owner (user) of land.
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