Alexander Rybak bought a new apartment for $ 4 million

15.03.2014 01:00
Articles about real estate | Alexander Rybak bought a new apartment for $ 4 million According, one-bedroom apartment of 80 square meters. meters in the center of Oslo Alexander Rybak bought in 2010, taking credit for this for 10 years. Its cost is $ 4 million, but to enter into a new apartment singer could only a couple of months ago, when finally finished repairs that cost him $ 150,000 .

The apartment of the singer , according to her father musician Igor Rybak , a fireplace, in the living room , Alexander is a mini - studio. The musicians went to bed together with the apartment - it was built into the wall. From the parental home , Alexander took his video library , and a collection of designers fiddle "Lego" .

In the new house already Fisherman POGOST his older sister Julia from Vitebsk father and grandmother Zinaida Egorovna from Minsk.

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