Agriculture Ministry wants to create a new gosregulyatora

07.10.2010 06:46
Agriculture Ministry wants to create a new gosregulyatora Even before the sale of land in Ukraine are invited to create a state operator in this market. In the Agriculture Ministry has drafted legislation which provides for the establishment of state fund, which has the priority right to purchase the land and the authority to withdraw it in case of misuse. Creation of a fund will lead to development of corruption in land relations, experts believe.
Yesterday at the site of the Ministry of Agrarian Policy has been published the bill on the back of the agricultural lands, which, inter alia, to create a new state body - the Foundation for Agricultural zemleispolzovaniya optimization. Adoption of the document is one of the conditions for lifting the moratorium on the sale of agricultural land (in effect until January 1, 2012), says in a memorandum to him. Now under development are two of the bill needed to regulate this market: "The land market" and "On State Land Cadastre.
The Fund will receive significant powers. In particular, it will be able to confiscate misused agricultural land from state and private entities. In this case, it actually becomes state operator of the land market - will be able to buy the land from the citizens and sell it to other citizens and legal entities. In addition, the Fund will have a priority right to buy agricultural land holdings along with the tenants of these lands (now that right there is only a tenant). And to sell the land, the seller will need to obtain a written refusal from the purchase of stock.
The bill also proposed to introduce restrictions for purchasers of the land - they may be limited to citizens of Ukraine who have selhozobrazovanie or experience in agriculture, as well as farms and other legal entities engaged in selhozdeyatelnostyu. The Fund will report to the Cabinet. It is noteworthy that one of the goals of the bill, said in a memorandum to him, is "avoidance of shadowing of the land market and the excessive concentration of land in private ownership." In the Agriculture Ministry for comment failed.
Market participants are confident that the bill, by contrast, would lead to corruption in the industry. "Nowhere is it said some responsibility for their actions is fund", - chairman of the Union of Agricultural Cooperatives serving Ivan Tomic. In addition, the bill does not specify the time within which the fund should provide rejection of the priority right to buy the land. "In fact, the fund will be able to delay the sale of land, without giving such permission. But give it in time officials will be only after receiving compensation from the parties concerned" - does not exclude the partner at the law firm Astapov Lawyers Oleg Malsky.
According to deputies about the chances of the bill in the Supreme Rada yesterday were divided. "70% of the Verkhovna Rada will support it. The state operator, which could control the agricultural land market in Ukraine is necessary. I Goskomzem regulating now, the relations in this area, several other tasks, he is more concerned with the administration, not control" , - says member of the parliamentary committee on Agrarian Policy and Land Relations Paul Klimets (Party of Regions). Deputy chairman of the committee Valery Bevzenko (Regions Party) says he will not support the bill and would urge others to do the MPs: "Creating the regulator is risk of corruption and will deter the establishment of a land market, making it even more heavily regulated." The press service of the State Committee for comment yesterday refused.
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