Against of southern soviet instituted 75 criminal cases

25.08.2010 13:19
Articles about real estate | Against of southern soviet instituted 75 criminal cases In 2010, of violations of land legislation in the Crimea brought 75 criminal cases.
This was reported by the deputy of the Supreme Council of Crimea Ludmila Lubina at a press conference in Simferopol, the correspondent wrote.

According to her, the main violations of land laws by local councils. "Soviet suspend the right of state-owned enterprises for a permanent land use and transfer these lands to private owners. For example, occurred in Massandra where soviet suspend the right of the National Institute of Vine and Wine" Littoral "on 76 hectares of land, taking gosakt with the phrase" for the needs of the village council " - said the deputy.

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"Another common way - the allocation of land in the water protection zone ostensibly under agriculture. Subsequently changing the purpose of the site and on these lands are building commercial sites," - explains Lubina.

In her view, the main culprits "deribana" Crimean land - South Coast is the local soviet. At the present time against them instituted 75 criminal cases.

&temp_lt;P&temp_gt; Let us recall that on the eve of the Crimea prosecutors revealed evidence of abuse of authority and forging documents in Koreizskom soviet. Where local authorities have agreed on the allocation of land in the park-monument "Miskhorsky.

Note that according to experts, is currently the most popular instrument for the regulation of land relations in Crimea is the creation of a land cadastre. Despite years of promises to create a similar document with the autonomy he is still missing.

Earlier it was reported that the Council of Ministers of Crimea itself is going to reassign the allocation of land. As a result of the new initiative, the Council of Ministers will monitor the autonomy of decision of local councils on the allocation of land. Appropriate changes will be made to Ukrainian legislation. Currently, land issues are the exclusive prerogative of the local councils, to influence the Government of the Crimea is practically impossible.

As previously reported, for seven months in 2010 the Crimean law enforcement officers identified in the Autonomous Republic of Crimea in 1977 crimes in the sphere of land relations, which is two more than in 2009.
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