After-sales service of cottage townships

08.11.2010 09:30
Anyone dealt and populated cottage community demands the attention of no less than at the time of its construction. The so-called after-sales service includes security and cleaning, garbage removal, repairs and maintenance of roads, utilities and so on. Trouble a lot. Usually, in the cottage and low-rise residential complexes, these responsibilities take on the management company (MC), usually created by the developer or the operating company as a housing department. List of services and their value depends on the amount of infrastructure and class town. For the town economy class it is about 1500 USD, but the less people in the village, the greater the monthly payment.<br /><br />At the suburban real estate market, the cases of, a management company is not interest-holders, and by the developer when the village is still only at the initial stage of construction. And even though it provides the residents of the relatively peaceful life, but imposed no HOA reserves the right interest-holders the choice to control the house. Developer, while "at the helm of HOA, the right to" regulate "rates and other charges, there are examples where a monthly fee for the year rose.<br /><br />If a buyer purchases property with the contract, after-sales service includes all necessary approvals from the architect, the full author and technical supervision. Mentoring should last until the end of the construction, pending the receipt of home ownership. Most developers have a warranty and after the delivery of housing, but there are gross violations. In one of cottage townships, some residents of the panel-frame house is almost completely went over their design, because during assembly, plates loose dock, as a result, cracks, and the house frozen. All costs to remove imperfections lay on the shoulders of homeowners.<br /><br />Hardest things to after-sales service stations without a contract as such he is not here, but some management and control of these areas is certainly needed. Otherwise, the great risk of "Shanghai" - towns where the client builds (or builds), what he pleases, from the luxurious mansion to a humble shed. How to deal with this phenomenon - the answer yet. The problem is especially acute for areas of economy class, in this case raises serious doubts about the timing of construction of houses the owners of sites and accommodation among unfinished for several years, while paying a monthly fee. Compel the owner to build, the developer has the right, although attempts are available. In one of the towns, the developer tried to oblige the buyer to build a house on the site for 3 years, but then the client once there is a lot of questions, and to date the developer has already rejected this idea.<br /><br />Caring only for after-sales service is a developer who care about their reputation, which plans to implement more than one project. Buying suburban real estate, you should not deprive the attention of the details after-sale service, because it is on this ground and erupted most conflicts between builders and owners.<br /><strong>Victor Kovalenko</strong><br /><a href=""></a><br />
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