"Affordable housing" without credit no one takes?

12.12.2010 16:25
Articles about real estate | "Affordable housing" without credit no one takes? Minregionstroy Requests National Bank to simplify mortgage terms for some of the homes participating in the program for affordable housing. Buyers for these apartments, despite a 30%-ing compensation from the state, almost none.

Deputy Minister of Regional Development and Construction Dmitry Isaenko said yesterday that the agency is negotiating with the National Bank that the Oschadbank allowed to grant loans for the purchase of affordable housing without any collateral, except to buy apartments, writes Infobud.

"The process is extremely difficult precisely because 70% of the price people find it difficult to find, despite the fact that we have agreed with Oschadbank and have a minimum interest rates on loans. However, the firm pledge today does not allow people to take these loans, "- said Mr. Isaenko. But did not name which ones unfinished projects may relate to the new conditions.

We wrote that Oschadbank mortgage program launched at 16% per annum in the state program "affordable housing" with the State Fund for Youth Housing Assistance (when the state will pay 30% of the price, and the rest will pay a buyer, a waiting list).

Chairman of the board Oschadbanka Alexander Grishko said that the total budget of this program is 330 million UAH.: 130 mln. - Lending Oschadbanka, 100 mln. - The state budget and UAH 100 million. - Contribution of individuals - the program participants. In this case, the first 100 mln. promise to finish building 900 apartments. A total sum of 330 mln. taking into account the investments of the population, according to Dmitry Isayenko, should be sufficient for the completion of approximately three thousand apartments.

Reluctance waiting to buy an apartment in unfinished, despite a 30%-ing compensation from the state, it is not surprising. Many simply can not afford. And take the credit when solvency is not returned to pre-crisis indicators - few dare. Recall, according to the NBU, the debt of our population on loans for purchase, construction and reconstruction of property on November 1, 2010 amounted to 86.03 bln.

At the same time 30,6% of this amount falls on borrowers from Kiev and the region in second place Odessa region - 14,5%, the third - Dnepropetrovsk - 8.8% of the total. But there are some positive trends - the pace of reducing the total debt significantly accelerated. During 10 months of this year, the amount of mortgage loans decreased to 10.87 bln., Or 11.22%. For comparison: the entire 2009 reduction was 5.47 billion USD., Or on 5,4%.

But even if NBU will go to the abolition of the collateral when buying an apartment in the state program, qualify for such housing will be provided unless the waiting list. In another case - the potential buyers simply will join a number of debtors on mortgage loans. Although, even if we assume that there will be wishing for those three thousand apartments, it is unlikely to significantly reduce the number of people in need.

According Minregionstroya on 1 January 2010 the country registered 1.174 million families and single people as in need of housing. Extraordinary must find housing 98.8 thousand families, and priorities - 305.7 thousand Moreover leaders in need of apartments - Kiev (168.8 thousand), Donetsk region (84.3 thousand), Crimea ( 76.184 thousand), Lviv (75.439 thousand) and Dnipropetrovsk (63.072 million).
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