Advice for those looking for an apartment for rent

09.10.2011 09:15
Articles about real estate | Advice for those looking for an apartment for rent If you need to rent the apartment for a long time, but you do not know where to begin, this article is for you.

First you need to set a date search the apartment and the amount by which you expect.

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To search for an apartment you should use the following options: real estate agencies, sites, online ads, newspapers.
Here are some tips, as well as the pros and cons of these sources.

1 Real Estate Agency
When you contact the agency most often you will be asked about areas of the city in which you want to rent an apartment, the amount by which you expect and content of the apartment that you need (furniture, boiler, machinery, etc.).
Calling the amount for the search, you can inflate it to $ 10-30, hoping to further "bring down the price" when communicating with the tenant. Refer to all agencies that find. Demand for money are not taken.

a wide range of agencies, a large number of proposals, quick information about the proposed apartments. Agent will meet you, to hold in the proposed apartment, acquaint you with the owner. Most often, the Agency provides a common lease, helping to fill it.
Cost of services varies from agency specific rates for services provided up to 50% of the amount of one month's rent.
Sometimes the description of conditions in the apartment does not coincide with the true state of affairs.

2. Sites in Internet ads
boards can be found using searches for "rental apartments, renting a flat, etc."
This source is oversaturated with suggestions.
most of the suggestions - these are the realtors, it is very difficult to find a proposal from the landlord.

3. Newspapers with ads.
Huge selection of sources, a large number of ads on the theme "for rent long term." Many suggestions from the owners.
These newspapers often published once a week, and the information in them may no longer be relevant.

A few more tips that will prove useful to you when viewed from the apartment.

Be prepared for what will have to pay first and last month's rent.

Ask the title deed documents and passport holder.

A gas / electric cooker.
2, all the sockets.
3 repair faucets in the bathroom and kitchen.

Be sure to discuss additional services for which you'll pay. These may include: electricity, telephone, water (if installed meters), Intercom system, cleaning the porch, and other trivia.
Pay attention to the conditions of repair of equipment.

Discuss payment terms and conditions on which the owner can come to you: it may be pre-call or on certain days.

Pay attention to how the owner responds to your questions and suggestions.
If you're comfortable apartment, take to themselves the decision whether to cooperate with the tenant, it is positive or vice versa. It is very important to establish trust with the owner.

In order to achieve quick results is to use all options to rent an apartment.
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