«Advantages» cottage villages

17.06.2010 12:39
Underdeveloped infrastructure of settlements lack facilities built project documentation, deliberate use of substandard materials, non-delivery of terms - an incomplete list of "advantages" of many modern companies, developers and builders cottage villages in Kiev and Kiev region. The result - consumers spend money, time and nerves to eliminate marriages grief-builders.

Infrastructural desert
"Yes, there is a central sewage and territory has its own protection, but more than 800 houses are scheduled or schools or clinics, or even travmpunktu. And as happens, for example, heart attack, and the hospital - 50 km! - Told the correspondent portal BudFond "about the shortcomings cottage New Bogdanovka, located in Brovary direction 32 km from Kyiv, Alex Vahylevych - Kyiv programmer, which is closely a country house. Cottage town "New Bogdanovka (builder - Kyivmiskbud), area of 100 hectares - one of the least" problematic "settlements of this type, but even after putting the first stage of construction (of five planned lines) developers only plan to" consider the erection of baby garden, although this remains an object of planning put into operation already during the first stage of putting the construction of cottages.

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"This situation, when the builder wants to sell part of living objects, and then only to realize infrastructure projects for the town proceeds, typical for the market" - suggested correspondent portal BudFond Andrew Borsch, CEO of Real Estate Solutions. Artem Novikov, Managing Partner Dialogue Consulting, argues that the lack of infrastructure networks - the main problem 90% of cottage built: "Modern man first of all need a comfortable accommodation. Take note of the fact that for similar money you can buy an apartment in the center and the capital, where everything is close - and market and school, and kindergarten. "Infrastructure up", which offers most developers, - children, sports grounds and minimarket.

Plans of "Infinity", which brings town house Sun City (142 homes on 83 hectares) hit bezperetsedentnoyu scale: Lyceum of the initial 450 students, kindergarten with a swimming pool, sports complex and swimming pool, ice arena, sports hall and fitness center , sauna, shopping center with supermarket, bank branch, pharmacy and photographic center, entertainment center with two cinemas, night clubs, bowling club, billiard room, beauty salon, medical complex and even a hotel. But at the end of 2008 was put into operation only 18 taunhauziv then construction stopped.
The same happened with cottage Greenfield, (127 homes on 20 hectares), buyers of objects in which the builder "Ukrzernoprom" promised SPA-salon, 4 tennis courts and swimming pool, restaurant and sauna as well - a child's room with a tutor. However, construction is currently suspended and prefabricated houses for sale, according to managers, developers, - no.
No building work carried out and promoted in town ZaSpaGolf, in which the planned golf course and yacht club.
In town living Ambassador Huta planned to reduce horse boarding, golf, shopping and entertainment center, yacht club, boutiques and even an area heliport, but now the construction stopped.

According to the director of "RealEkspo Viktor Kovalenko, as of September 1 this year in the suburbs of Kyiv to stage projects and unfinished projects were 183 cottage developments. In 34% of construction completed campuses, 32% is under construction and another 30% - on the stage of projects. Victor Kovalenko believes that in the coming years will be the most promising projects on campuses of objects to 100, a project not require significant borrowing, because it is the lack of funding is the main reason for stopping construction in most towns that are under construction.

With the same reason probably more likely to be implemented during the crisis - in the towns economy class, as big projects require significant investments, especially those that involve construction of infrastructure powerful engines.

Saves on quality
But even those objects, whose construction is continuing, may disappoint customers low quality work and materials. Moreover, during the crisis more likely developers willingly "save" on the construction of most houses - suggest experts. "For example instead of 10-cm layer of heater you can put a 5-inch, or the erection of the building to use cheaper materials than declared in the prospectus - has warned Vladimir Stepenko, director of marketing company SV Development.
Andrew Borsch advises primarily pay attention to hermetising basements, roofing material and window glazing - these are places in the house where the first visible deficiencies in the design and implementation, if any. Also we advise cottage overlook the "wet" seasons - spring or fall - to make sure that the basement is dry and the roof is not flowing.

One of the buyers of the cottage in the town told the New Bogdanovka portal BudFond "as it benefited from the services of an independent builder consultant, in which the family invested. "Foreman hired with my husband visited the dream cottage roof and noticed that the roof of 10 cm covers the perimeter of the box itself. Nor was the junction of the roof of the garage and house and during the long rains we watched as the water flows along the wall of our garage . As a result, even a month we could not get rid of mustiness stains on the walls. A similar problem befell the family of Victoria and Bogdanov: "Just last fall we got promoted cottage in town. And right over us" hanging "a bunch nedorobok that we had to remove themselves and their own expense. Poor performance of roof insulation led to that isolated provys time. Besides, we had much more intensive prohrivaty house in the cold season, also vletilo very expensive. Repair of such defects, according to expert estimates, costs from 200 USD per sq.m. "Bad battery was installed in the living room, causing it slightly shifted in the horizontal plane, - complains Mrs. Vikoriya. The financial result eliminate such disadvantage, the company estimated the Office building technologies, now cost at least USD 600 for the dismantling and re-assembly point.

"And in the bedroom waiting for us styazhtsi cracks in the floor" - bidkayetsya hostess novoprydbanoho cottage. "Fix a serious flaw in construction work have by replacing old clips. The budget repair will consist of dismantling the old coating (of 18 USD per sq.m) and establish a new (from 25 USD per sq m). The cost of material - from 10 UAH m - estimates the cost Dziuba Natalia, CEO of construction company office building services.

Ms Dziuba says that "the lack of construction, common in cottages, can be classified in design and in decoration. First and foremost associated with the violation of design decisions and construction standards and lead mainly to a reduction in the life of cottage. For example, the lack of waterproofing of the foundation will lead to a gradual soaking and destruction, lack of or less than the project for reinforcement of walls will result in cracked walls.

"Elementary patch close the brick laying -" swamped "angle, will require additional costs plaster mix. For rooms, an area of 15 sq.m and" swamped "by 8 cm around the corner may be additional costs from 600 USD - assesses the loss Mrs. Dziuba .

But is not the most common flaw in the construction of cottage townships, according to the Audits Office building technologies, the discrepancy is constructed facilities project documentation. "Changing the design brick wall (thickness - 510 mm) of polystyrene insulation plates (50 mm) on the wall with rakushnyaka, Foam blocks or aerated concrete (350 mm) of polystyrene insulation plates (40 mm) - lead to increased heat losses roughly twice!" - Comments very real breach in one of cottage townships Natalia Dziuba. Additional costs, which will cause the buyer of the house - is the need to increase the capacity of the heating boiler, radiator heating increase, the capacity of certified installation (and thus - the cost of electricity), etc.. According to estimates from the Office building technologies "-" profits "from builders such replacement materials - more than 115 USD on each square. m wall.

Economy Project
Another problem summaries houses within towns Artem Novikov sees disparity projects needs of the clients: "Typically, buying suburban homes - people are quite wealthy. Unfortunately, designers and builders are not ready to fully meet the needs of such clients. Most developers save as building materials and on areas of land to build within the town up the objects for sale. Obviously, the plot of 80 ares enough to erect a building area of 500 square meters "- notes the analyst Elena Kononenko, who had intended to buy a house in one of the towns economy class. According to her plan is simply "absurd": "How in the building area of 150 square meters. M can be scheduled around the kitchen area of 9 square?" I'm going to move the capital from the apartment is in order to further optimize your workspace.

Anna Orlova
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