Acquisition of real estate. what must be done before signing the contract?

02.12.2010 03:22
There are many seemingly minor, but certainly very important points that can be missed forever to say goodbye to the dream of personal living space. And they need to take into account there is in the process of preparation and the transaction of buying or selling real estate.<br /><strong><br />The history of the property.</strong><br /><br />Must thoroughly study the history of each property to its former and present owners. Should know in detail about exactly who was previously registered on this housing, offered for sale or participating in an exchange. You should not discount the information about what specific conditions of living in the moment people discharged from the apartment. Much attention should be paid and "digging" of information on all deaths that were previously owned an apartment or living in it.<br /><strong><br />Documents on the object of the transaction.</strong><br /><br />One of the most important points guarantees the successful completion of the sale, is the authenticity of all the available documents that are required in the process of above-mentioned activities. This concerns both the passports of persons involved in the transaction and legal documents of the REU, BTI, tax, etc. Moreover, should not cause any doubt as to its authenticity as the available documents, and those that have been used already committed earlier dealings with this property.<br /><strong><br />Banking and tax liabilities.</strong><br /><br />Do not forget that an important factor in the successful completion of the transaction is complete awareness of your bank account, on an algorithm made the calculations, as well as the possibility of reducing the tax burden without straying beyond the law.<br /><strong><br />No problems with law enforcement</strong>.<br /><br />Making a real estate deal, you must make sure that the person receiving the deposit, absolutely sinless, in legal terms, and is the person for whom it is. The buyer of real estate must be confident that the "seller" does not disappear with the money after half an hour from the time of the transaction. The important point here is the lack of problems with law enforcement agencies and officials themselves, living in this apartment. Desirable also that they belonged to the dispensary in the mental or drug treatment institution.<br /><strong><br />Respect for the rights of minors and other categories of citizens.</strong><br /><br />The most important point of checking in transactions with property is respect for the rights of persons under the age of majority. In other words, in the presence of such persons should double-check the legality of obtaining all necessary permits for the sale of real estate, granted the guardianship authorities. Necessarily need to make sure that from the apartment do not prevent citizens in places of detention, an army boarding school, another city or abroad. There should be no exception when obtaining the necessary consents for the transaction of the persons registered in this apartment.<br /><strong><br />Replanning, reconstruction, demolition and other troubles.</strong><br /><br />The key to the success of transaction is re-checking all possible information about the apartment on ongoing replanning, as well as possible in the future renovations or demolition. You should ensure that communication of the building in good order, and so he did not threaten. Must make sure that after the transaction will remain flat in unaltered form, including plumbing, gas stove, window and door designs, floors, etc.<br /><br />As a rule, serious real estate agents take into account each item of the above, since the only way to achieve a positive result. It does not matter how many housing units are taking part in the chain of transactions. Check should be absolutely everyone.<br /><a href=""></a><br />
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