Acquiring securities under residential property, the investor incurs additional costs

04.01.2011 08:00
Articles about real estate | Acquiring securities under residential property, the investor incurs additional costs Today in the Ukrainian real estate market are targeted "construction" bonds issued as a square meter (0.01, 0.5, 1 square. M), and directly into living rooms, parking and more.

To ensure their own financial security, before the acquisition target bonds to a private investor should determine for themselves some of the points, reported by a senior company lawyer Vasil Kisil & Partners Natalia Dotsenko-Belous, wrote Building.

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"First, the issue of target bonds is possible when there is a developer of the approved project, the last public examination. The absence of this document indicates that the bonds can not take place.

Secondly, the buyer must examine the main document - information about the bond issue. It contains all the essential characteristics of securities and a description of their life cycle. Particular attention should be paid to the terms and conditions of redemption of real estate under which they are issued, "- said the lawyer, in an interview

Target date for repayment, even if possible, accelerated payment, usually does not coincide with the declared date of commissioning, and reflects the realistic expectations regarding deadlines builder homes. If the buyer does not have time to submit bonds to maturity at the designated time, he may lose the right to a fixed space, and the developer, according to the bond issue will return to him only the money invested.

"Thirdly, the sales contract or a contract investment of construction through bonds is of minor importance compared to the legal force of a public contract - information on the issue of securities. Investor opportunities for free disposal of the bonds depend on such a document, and in most cases limited to the written consent of the developer "- added N.Dotsenko-Belous.

Also, the lawyer noted that acquiring securities under a real estate investor should be prepared for additional costs of notarization, the state fee (1%) and the collection of mandatory pension insurance (1%). "After all, he has yet to conclude the sales contract for the apartment, which was originally issued on the builder, - the expert said.
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