Accommodation in cottage: price-determining factors

17.02.2010 16:31
Articles about real estate | Accommodation in cottage: price-determining factors Who buys a house in suburban housing estates or cottage communities? Of course those who like to live in nature, away from the hustle and bustle.

Thus, the decision to buy a house near the town adopted. On what should be guided in selecting the options?

Experts call the main determinant of prices, which - in accordance with the methodology of assessing the market value - are included in the price proposals cottage real estate, and that should be analyzed when choosing a home.

Analyze the rights to the land on which the house will be located. 1) ownership or lease. 2) Purpose Area: individual housing construction, gardening or village built on agricultural land, not to be translated? 3) Are there any encumbrances on the rights of third parties? 4) The order of the documents with the building permit? 5) Is it too close to water is a plot of land ("factor Mitvol"), not whether the land is reserved and not the earth is given to the pioneer camp for construction, etc.?

Analyze the conditions of financing: cash, non-cash, loans, mortgages, the size of the first payment. Assess market conditions, which you need to know what the situation in this segment of the real estate market that experts predict analysts, although there may be faced with diametrically opposed assessments and opinions ...

Next, we estimate the location of the house. 1) Good: If the site is close to the city, near the lake, bay or river, in a pine forest, not a swamp, not nearby nuclear waste, smelter and refining facilities. 2) Bad: if far from the city, a house in an open field in the nearby woods - a windfall or a pile of plastic bottles. 3) Very poor: if the road is such that, for normal access to the house have to buy a SUV.

Readiness for the operation of housing. Options: 1) at the beginning of construction (at the zero cycle), 2) in the construction process (you can see something other than land), 3) at the end of construction (you can see the house, obstuchat walls and floors).

Price depends on the construction phase, but we should understand that pricing is made up not only in line with costs and the value of the work performed (in this case is just the cost) but also in accordance with the existing demand for this product.

The size and construction area. Area of ??the house in the view of most consumers away from gigantism to common sense, because every square meter requires heating, lighting, maintaining a decent condition and other expenses, but to sell the extra meters is possible only with the house. By the way, here not hurt to give full attention to the architectural style of home, number and size of premises and compliance with the composition of the family, components of technical equipment and improvements.

Neighbors. Obviously, the social homogeneity (and not only in Ukraine!) Is one of the most important pricing factors.

Infrastructure. It would be nice to have around all that is needed, and even more ...

Quality. Divided on the quality of materials used and the quality of construction works, ie, compliance technologies. If you own this little understands, to invite experts "from outside": his eyes, a diamond will see everything - from floor to roof.

In addition, the choice of country cottage lot of "little things" that sometimes become crucial ... So - beware!
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