Accommodation for 30 thousand rubles. per square. m: whether it is in urban suburbs?

04.10.2010 15:34
Articles about real estate | Accommodation for 30 thousand rubles. per square. m: whether it is in urban suburbs? As we know, the price of 30 thousand rubles. per square. m has been repeatedly declared (both at the governmental level and various experts) affordable housing. And we decided to investigate: whether there is such prices for city apartments somewhere nearby?

It is clear that it is hardly worth looking for them in Moscow itself and in the Moscow suburbs - here treated fundamentally different money. But the city of Moscow are at a greater distance, the same Middle and Far suburbs - will be pleased if it is "availability" for housing?

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Life for the 101-kilometer

On the pricing of real estate in the Moscow region, we can write a lot, but - if in a nutshell - a crucial factor alone: the distance to the capital. In the cities where you can still ride daily to work in Moscow (ie, hour and a half by train) to the market strongly pressured "Moscow" money - they are pushing prices up.

There are 30 thousand rubles. per square. m - has long been a pipe dream. And we have a certain level is possible only in those localities that have "closed in itself, and the bulk of customers are locals who have come to the market with money earned here. But in this case, warns Sergei Kushmenyuk, CEO of Investment Real Estate Agency "Condrey, called the price - it's lowest level at which you can purchase only the most illiquid options.

"Based on the budget of 30 thousand rubles. per square. m, it is understood that you will get "a canary in a penny" with all its consequences - is completely accepts Sergei Grudolov, a leading analyst of FGC "Leader". - Town is located in the best case in 1,5-2 hour availability of Moscow. Turns out he is likely not the most favorable in terms of environmental, crime and social situation. Infrastructure will be set around the most minimal, and all these objects will be built half a century ago. "

In general, apartments in the sought money, we found mostly at a distance of more than 100 km from Moscow, and mainly to the east and south-east - these areas are traditionally known for their cheapness. Closer - if there is, it is only in cities with strong challenges. For example, Egorievsk (80 km east of Moscow Ring Road), which over the past 10 years, lost nearly 10% of its population.

Reserves Economy: Old Age is no joy ...

What will be the objects of such attractive prices? If we take ready-made (ie the secondary market), there is guaranteed to get only the old housing. "Basically a two-story homes, at least - five-story" - concise Rapscallion Alexander, head of sales of new buildings near Moscow company «Est-a-Tet».

"With high probability it can be argued that the house will be characterized by a significant (80%) degree of wear and tear, - develops the same idea Sergei Grudolov (FGC" Leader "). - The apartment will require at least minor repairs, and the presence of constant hot water and about the healthy communication can be considered a big success. "

As examples, the expert results in Voskresensk apartment - two rooms, 43 square meters. m, four-story house built in the 30-ies - and all this for 1.3 million rubles. Or one-bedroom apartment in subsection Ilinskoe (Volokolamsk district, 130 km from Moscow) in a two-story barracks - for 1 million rubles.

"Despite everything, these proposals very much in demand, - said Sergey Grudolov. - Buyers are often interested in acquiring a permanent outside Moscow registration. In addition, many view them as temporary accommodation. "

Concluding the conversation about the decrepit suburban housing, it is worth noting an important difference from Moscow. In the capital, five-story building rather actively torn down and demolished, accommodation in the apartment means that in some foreseeable future (5-10 years) you have a chance to get a modern dwelling.

In the suburbs is not so: the resettlement program are all in a few cities, and their scale is far from Moscow. The explanation is simple: In Moscow, new sites for construction is not enough, and the resettlement of the old house is for the builder sometimes the only way to get the desired site. In the situation is fundamentally different, there's a lot of free land. So the conclusion, unfortunately, is this: in an old house that you buy, grow old and would die our great-grandchildren.

... Or "incomprehensible" youth

Another well-known reserve economy - housing under construction. "Flats and 30 thousand rubles. per square. m to find the real, - says Sergey Lushkin, Director of Sales and Marketing LLC Quarter Estate '. - However, this object will be in the early stages of construction. Buyers should very carefully consider such proposals and consider the possible risks. "

"The likelihood that construction will be frozen, is large enough - completely agree Sergei Kushmenyuk (Condrey). - Why invest in such construction may be advisable only if the developer is a reliable company and the contract is recorded in accordance with the FZ-214.

"For the price up to 30 thousand rubles. per square. m we can choose an apartment in a very limited number of sites - says Natalya letterhead, marketing company "Relight-Invest. - Most of the proposals fall into one of the new buildings in Podolsk - there for a fixed price per square meter sell different types of apartments, the total value of objects is 1,0-2,3 mln. But this stage of excavation.

Nevertheless, the proposals are - and some of them quite reliable. "In Elektrogorsk (75 km east of Moscow) has already been built and commissioned a 10-storey monolith-brick house, - said Olga Guseva, head of marketing management company Domostroitel. - It now remains for sale is only one apartment - an area of 103.3 square meters. m at a price of 27,550 rubles. per square. m ".

Slightly more expensive, 35,483 rubles. per square. m, apartments for sale in another finished object - LCD "Theater" in the center of Orekhovo-Zuev. House - 10-storey building of large-, minimal cost one-room apartment is 1.58 million rubles. Of 33,275 rubles. Continues Olga Guseva, stand flat on the second line LCD "Breeze" - he is also in Orekhovo-Zuevo and practically built - Deposit CC is scheduled for I quarter. 2011.

Experts think tank "Real Estate Market Indicators IRN.RU» call object in Elektrougli - LCD "Shining City." According to the study, "The whole market of new buildings in the Moscow region for 1-2 sq. 2010. Comparative Analysis ", held in June-July 2010, exactly at the site was fixed minimum price of housing. Cost of 1 sq.m. in the homes of the first stage was 30-40 thousand rubles. The average price of apartments was at the level of 2-2,5 mln. Specify that it was a city located less than 30 km. from Moscow.

On the same site says, and Alexander Rapscallion («Est-a-Tet»). According to experts, low price is not due entirely successful location of new buildings - in the middle of the industrial zone.

Slightly more than

For the suburbs is another more realistic price per square meter - at a level of 45-50 thousand rubles., Say our experts. If you build on it, you can find much more offers. "The price of a fairly comfortable, - said Sergey Kushmenyuk (Condrey).

- Speaking of ready-made objects, the Middle suburbs it will be mostly not at home in the most convenient places and in houses typical of the Soviet construction of 50-80 years. And in the Far suburbs is the price of a normal apartment in a good location and perhaps even in a modern house. But again, each area and each town is different. "

Maria Ryazanov, manager of advertising and marketing company "Atlant Invest, cites examples sold on this (and similar) prices of new buildings. Balashikha (district "on May 1, only 500 meters from the Ring Road) cost of 1 square. m ranges from 54 thousand rub. per square. m in md.

"Sacramento" (also Balashikha, but for 13 km from Moscow), low-rise construction sites will be available soon at a price of 50 thousand rubles. per square. m. Microdistrict "Solntsevo Park (9 km from Moscow Borovsky highway, Pyhtino) - from 46,8 thousand rubles. per square. M. Mach. "Katya" (about Lobnya, 15 km from Moscow) - from 43 thousand rubles. per square. m. LC "Malachite" (9 km from Moscow to the east, near n. Malakhovka) the cost of 1 sq. km. m - from 47,759 rubles. In the new building in part Ostrowiec (Ramenskoye district, 14 km from Moscow Ring Road) - from 43 thousand rubles. per square. m

Alla Moroz, Director of the Department of real estate sales company Etalon-Invest, believes that given the realities of the market, those companies that are ready to meet our customers do their utmost for them - are offering special conditions hold rallies, give discounts.

Thus, the company Etalon-Invest "offers" long installments "to buyers of apartments in the residential quarter" Emerald Hills in Krasnogorsk. This installment does not only act before putting the house (4 quarter 2011), but within two years after delivery. At two and three bedroom apartments now operates a seasonal offer, in which the price per square meter is equal to 55 thousand rubles.

Summary of the magazine

"Honey - it's really very strange thing ... if it is - then its right there!" - So (or nearly so) singing my favorite character Winnie the Pooh.

And from the apartments of 30 thousand rubles. per square. m. In theory, they are, but - if you carefully analyze the proposals - once it becomes clear that with some "surprise". Or madly away, or new building with unknown status, the huge square footage and in the middle of the industrial zone. Or pimped "nineteen hundred shaggy", built with stove heating ... And if we remember that the primary source of affordable housing in the (national project) called "Accessible and comfortable housing for Russian citizens", it becomes clear that this is somehow not about that.

Expert Opinions:

Sergei Grudolov, a leading analyst of FGC Leader:

Designated by the Government benchmark of 30 thousand rubles. per square. m - is nothing less than "the average temperature in the hospital, to which must seek the construction industry. However, practical ways to achieve this benchmark is simply not there. Without a fundamental change in the law do not expect cheap new buildings - in the current economic model, they simply have no place. Let me remind you that the work without profit - contrary to the basic tenets of business.

Alla Moroz, Director of the Department of real estate sales company Etalon-Invest:

If we talk about the Moscow suburbs, the cost of urban housing being built within 20 km from Moscow, today is no less cherished figures of 30 thousand rubles. per square. pm, and often much higher than her. Why did the developer must sell their items at cost or even at a loss? Change the situation by virtue only of the government.

I am sure that the construction company on its part would be pleased if they can offer housing at more affordable prices.

Sergei Kushmenyuk, CEO of Investment Real Estate Agency "Condrey:

The price of 30 thousand rubles. per square. m for the suburbs is unlikely. The main reason for high cost of housing in the Moscow region - the concentration of a significant number of resources throughout the country in Moscow. The more money in the country, the higher will be the cost per square meter in Moscow and its suburbs.

Maria Ryazanov, manager of advertising and marketing company "Atlant Invest:

Figure of 30 thousand is real only for the privileged categories of citizens, if the state participates in the purchase of apartments. So at the moment arrives Defense.
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