Accents in the choice of housing

22.11.2010 10:57
Articles about real estate | Accents in the choice of housing Choosing a home, the buyer first determines the key parameters, it must meet. And although there is no universal recipe, most of us would call the important characteristics of transport accessibility, comfortable and lived-in area, speed and quality construction. Thus, properly placing the emphasis, we choose its future perfect house.

Construction in full swing
Understanding the basic priorities of buyers, the developer of an apartment house on the corner of the Neman and the Casimir decided to put the three main focus: the speed, flexibility, and the area.

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The rapid pace of construction and flexible approach to the price - these two problems are already solved, and quite successfully. The builders promised that the house "The emphasis will be put in two years. Originally planned to take together all six entrances, but then had an idea to break the construction into stages, and populate the tenants in two stages.

And if this plan is adopted, to grow roots in the "Focus" will be by the end of 2011 - exactly one year later. And apparently, the words do not disperse with the case: Construction in full swing. Already clogged with piles. Then the builders will begin construction frame for pouring concrete and monolithic plate, and then begin construction of a monolithic structure.

The emphasis on a flexible price
In addition to timing, emphasis is placed on a flexible price. Buy an apartment in this residential building can be paid as a down payment of 10, 30, 50 or 100 percent of its value. Depending on this, will calculate the final cost per square meter and conditions of payment by installments. For example, those who will make the whole sum at once, the meter housing would cost $ 220 cheaper.

But even if you do not try to make a big contribution immediately, the cost of apartments in the "Accent" is still attractive. 1-bedroom - in the 45,000 dollars, 2-bedroom - 65 000. But such a proposal, like the builder will not last long.

The closer to the completion of construction, the higher the cost. Interestingly, the price per square meter grew twice already since the beginning of implementation. If previously paying 100% of the price the price of one meter was 990 dollars, today it 1030 in a studio apartment. In a three-room 920 dollars became 990. It turns out, those who do focus on speed, have the opportunity to save a decent amount.

Emphasis on the area
Especially because Frunze region, where the "Accent" and is considered the cleanest in Belarus - are more than 200 hectares of green space, and industrial enterprises are effectively dead. Environment, infrastructure and attention of city authorities in this area have done their job: a young and attractive. Here there were beautiful houses, catchy facades, interesting layout and is another quality construction. A striking example - a house, "Emphasis" in Stone Gorka.

Emphasis on project
Curved graceful arc, "Focus" looks memorable even in the layout. Frame-block construction and good planning - advantages that make the house comfortable and interesting to buyers with families.

The big advantage of this project is the fact that Accent is successfully entered into the existing infrastructure of the area. And most importantly, getting to the house will be easy. He stands on a transport interchange between the streets of Casimir and Neman.

So it turns out, if you combine all these advantages that well-spaced accents make the new building in the perfect house.
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