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15.10.2010 02:25
Articles about real estate | About five elements in the garden The ancient Chinese believed that everything is composed of five elements: wood, fire, earth, metal and water. Five items can be arranged in different ways, but the most common - the cycle of birth and the cycle of destruction. In the cycle of generation of burned wood, stoking the fire. Fire leaves behind the earth. Of the land we get the metal. Metal melts, it becomes liquid as water. Water nourishes the growth of the tree. Wood burns, fueling the fire. As you can see, this cycle repeats endlessly.

The opposite of the previous cycle of destruction. Fire melts metal. Metal chops wood. Tree sucks juices from the earth. The Earth blocks the path of the water. Water extinguishes fire. The cycle of generating positive, it helps both of each element to neighboring elements. Negative cycle of destruction, it hurts every element neighbor. So if your element fire in your garden should not be too much water, as water extinguishes fire.

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If you and your partner in life belong to the elements side by side in a loop of destruction, see what item is between them in the cycle of birth, and do in your garden accent on it. For example, if your element is metal and the element of your spouse - a tree, you should emphasize the presence of the element of water to neutralize the negative effect of this combination: the water cycle generation is between the metal and wood. Naturally, in most gardens dominated by a tree - this element contains all of the plant. However, in the garden should be something related to your personal element, as well as to the element preceding it in the cycle of generation. For example, if your element is metal, should be placed in the garden, anything metal, symbolizing the earth (which precedes the metal in the cycle of generation). Here are some items, for example, can be used in the garden to ensure the presence of your element:

All of the plant. All items are green, and blue. Wooden furniture. Wooden fence. Elongated objects (pillars, columns, etc.).

Outdoor lighting fixtures. Candles and incense. Fryer. All items in red. Pets. Statues. All items are triangular and pyramidal shapes. Structure with sloping roof.

Ceramics, pottery and porcelain. All items made of clay, marble, brick, etc. All items are yellow and brown colors. Sand, stones, crystals, pebbles. All items are square and rectangular shapes.

Metal furniture. Other metal objects: copper pots, vases, wrought iron lattice. All items are white and metallic colors. Items semicircular, round, oval or arched shape.

Anything that contains water: pond, fountain, creek. Mirrors and glass. All items are blue and black. Wavy or curved shapes.

Many things combine the properties of two or more elements. Square metal table, painted in red, gives a combination of earth, metal and fire. This is so well put in a garden dominated by grass, plants and wooden pergolas. Working with these five elements, we can create a garden that complements and balances the personal elements of people living in the house reflects their personality and creates an abundance of beneficial chi.
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