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24.10.2010 00:01
Articles about real estate | About Feng Shui Apartment Note that the feng shui apartment inside is more important than what's around. Because tenants often can not do anything to change the outside of his stronghold, and here's what's inside are quite capable of change.

Try to feng shui apartments contain as many beneficial chi energy, which should be free to flow from room to room. Basically Qi enters the apartment through the front door, it should be well lit. And the whole apartment should look welcoming and spacious.

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If your front door in the direction points to the biggest room in the apartment, it is desirable to distribute a screen flow of chi between the other rooms, too.

According to feng shui, it is desirable that the door opened inwards, as doors that open outward, curtail the free flow of qi. Try to make a feng shui flat as you can have more space. Qi is stopped if, for example, the front door opens into a small and cramped corridor, or bumps directly on the wall. But it's easy to fix: poveshayte large mirror, it creates the impression imvolicheskoe increasing the size of the corridor or hallway.

Front door of Feng Shui should not be open on a toilet. Toilet in itself creates a negative flow of qi, and in any case should not be placed in front of the apartment or bedroom. If it so happened that the toilet in the apartment still built that way, keep the toilet door closed. You can also hang out at any mirror to "symbolically " mitigate the negative chi. If your house two or more toilets, try to use as little as possible that which is opposite the entrance door.

Directly opposite the front door of your apartment should not have windows. This will lead to the fact that most of the Chi got into the house through the door, he immediately flies out the window. Can recommend to obscure the window curtains or screen.

According to feng shui qi can enter the apartment and through the window, but most still enters through the front door. The windows in the apartment must be of sufficient size to be able to attract chi, but on the other side and not be very large. Given ideal planerovke any door of the apartment should have not more than three boxes. The exception to this rule are the so-called studio or one bedroom apartments (number of doors they have minimal, sometimes only two).

Qi should be directed so that it was winding through the room. Direct the movement of qi, as a rule, too fast, and because it is not always sufficient okazyaet beneficial effect on the apartment. To correct the direct flow of qi can be hung at the door of the music or the wind chimes, which will direct Qi upward. Finally, you can hang two or three mirrors on opposite walls of the corridor or hallway. Qi would like to flow from one to another mirror, slowing its beneficial move.

Try any ways to prevent clutter in your apartment. Heaps of things on the floor, desks and furniture slowed and restricted chi, which leads to stagnation of qi and the loss of the beneficial power of this energy.

Qi stagnates in the dark and little-used rooms. Rooms that are not regularly used, often try to ventilate.

Do not be lazy to do the following: stand at the front door and find a look into the farthest corner of the apartment. According to Feng Shui it is considered lucky. Put here the object that symbolizes your personal element (an element that precedes you in the loop generation).

Inspect the apartment feng shui for internal ball. Their sources may be sharp corners of walls and furniture, columns with square cross-section and the ceiling beams. To neutralize these balls can be arranged. Plant in a pot or a mirror will hide the column, and two bamboo flutes, suspended from a beam, eliminating its harmful effects.

In the two-storey apartment kitchen or dining room should be located above the living room. Otherwise beneficial chi will go along with your guests ...

It is desirable that the room had a proportional form (the room should be rectangular or square), visually, no room should not kazalatsya much bigger than the other. L-shaped room in Feng Shui are considered "incomplete ": angle, aiming at the center of the room, projecting the ball. Corrected this deficiency, again with the help of mirrors: poveshayte two mirrors on either side of the corner and they will make the ball disappear.

Feng shui apartment is not advised to have a kitchen, dining room or bathroom in the center of the apartment. After all, the center - a zone of luck, so it is useful to gather the whole family. This place is the best suited for your living room.
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