About 2 thousand hectares of land without a contract will come into the market of Moscow region for 1,5 years

26.08.2010 09:53
Articles about real estate | About 2 thousand hectares of land without a contract will come into the market of Moscow region for 1,5 years More than 1,7 thousand hectares of land without a contract, located at a distance of 30 kilometers from Moscow, will be released on the market near Moscow in 2010-2011, the study said the company "MIEL-Residential Real Estate".

In this case, there is in it, most sites without a contract is at Yaroslavl, Shchelkovo, Pyatnitskaya Novoryazanskoye and Yegorievsk highway. In all these areas of land which will be released to the market during the period will amount to 1.2 thousand hectares, or 6,4 thousand sites.

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As the materials Miel, the calculations used data on land portfolios 70 largest landowners suburbs, about their intention to build up their own sites, with the assistance of the developer, or give the construction of buyers. Also, experts pointed out, if the developer is ready to begin selling the land without a contract in 2010-2011, or prefer not to start new projects. The area of a standard plot was adopted by the 15 hectare. Also, some highway combined, as to land may be accessed from both roads.

The second largest number of sites planned for sale in 2010-2011, there are areas such as Kiev (it is expected that there will be put up for sale about 180 acres of land, or about 960 sites) and Kaluga highway (approximately 110 hectares or more 580 plots).

"Given that Kiev and Kaluga highway very popular among developers and end-users in these areas should expect a rapid reduction in supply, particularly at the shortest distance from Moscow," - presented in the study of words managing partner Miel-Residential Real Estate "by Vladimir Yakhontova.

In addition, the second place, along with Kiev and Kaluga road also divides the land market in Simferopol directions - about 100 hectares of land or more than 500 sites.

In third place, according to the company, slopes with a small number of sites without a contract, whose potential is estimated at less than 100 hectares of land on each highway.

"Thus, at the Gorky and Nosovihinskoe highway about 80 hectares of land suitable for construction, even fewer sites on the Dmitrov highway - only about 70 hectares," - to be confirmed in the study.

It also added that Novorizhskoe direction, "so popular in recent years, developers and consumers," have no more than 30 hectares of land without a contract. A ranking closes highway sections without a contract Rublyovo-Uspenskoe highway.

"In the thirty-kilometer zone from the Moscow Ring Road on Rublevke there are not more than 20 hectares of land, or about 100 plots without a contract area of 15 hectare," - is in the report.
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