Abandoned construction sites in Bucharest

27.08.2010 10:25
With great difficulty Romania is selected from the recession, which appeared because of the global financial crisis. From the economic boom in Bucharest only remaining abandoned building sites and empty fashionable new buildings.<br /><br />Nearly 50 million Spaniards invested in construction of office and residential complex in the heart of Bucharest. It is about one of the largest investments in real estate market of the Romanian capital. Wishing to acquire an apartment in new building should put at least half or even a million euros.<br /><br />Local brokers, however, doubt that today the price for someone else to buy real estate. According to them, if the crisis-room apartment in Bucharest center cost 500 000 euro, now have rejoiced when someone gives it for at least 200 000. "The market has stabilized and prices are again normalized" - says Vlad Baltsanu an employee of one of maklerskyh offices.<br /><br /><strong>Empty construction sites</strong><br />Romania almost went bankrupt because of the global financial crisis. Now the government should pursue austerity policies. And yet felt no economic recovery, which analysts predicted. Especially on the outskirts of Bucharest visible consequences of the crisis - there you can find many frozen construction site.<br /><br />A few months ago Alesku Adrian, who has his own construction company, provided the work of 50 people. Now he had to release half of their employees. However, people in losing optimism: "I am convinced that within five years of Bucharest can not be more to learn, so it will be fine.<br /><strong><br />Salvation through reorientation</strong><br />Meanwhile broker Baltsanu Vlad decided to temporarily leave the real estate market. This year he sold only two apartments. He predicted two to three years in real estate especially not rozbahatiyesh. Therefore, he himself has decided: will soon start broker business around mobile internet. It is expected that in the years to be developed in Bucharest, especially areas such as trade, telecommunications and transport.<br /><strong>Deutsche Welle</strong><br />
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