A system of fines for delay in construction

22.10.2010 12:13
In Ukraine it is necessary to form a scheme of penalties against those developers who do not fit in terms of commissioning, said deputy chairman of the Parliamentary Committee on Construction and Housing Igor Lysov during the round table devoted to the presentation of the concept of reform of building industry Ukraine .

"Any construction limits comfortable living adjacent areas", - said I. Lysov. "This mechanism must enter" - he stressed.

I. Lysov expressed confidence that in the near future for Ukraine to return confidence and will form a soft investment environment, rather than one that exists today. "

In addition, I. Lysov stressed that carrying out the reform of construction sector, there should be section "Housing construction, since no one has repealed the Constitution, which states that everyone has the right to housing." He noted that to date his constitutional right not to take 1 million 200 thousand people, who stand in the queue.

"So we need to prescribe rules for how we will provide our state normal accommodation" - said I. Lysov correspondent Building.ua.
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