A simplified procedure of legalization of rural homes can enter in 2013

17.02.2011 12:04
Articles about real estate | A simplified procedure of legalization of rural homes can enter in 2013 Owners of old houses that are not yet in its time to legalize the ownership or lost documents, and thus do not fall under the "dacha amnesty" may be able to legalize the ownership of a simplified scheme in 2013, but then the owners of unregistered houses will be obliged to pay their taxes, says on Thursday, "Rossiyskaya Gazeta".

"Such innovations Economic Development Ministry plans to introduce within two years, along with property tax," - wrote "WP". Unified real estate tax based on market valuation of objects, is expected to be introduced in 2013.

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"Dacha amnesty" is intended to simplify the registration of citizens rights granted to them by land and home real estate listings. In particular, permitted registration of real estate near her house only on the basis of technical passport of the object of individual housing construction. In addition, abolished the need for a building permit, which the citizens have long or illegally built their homes, can not be. Previously completed "dacha amnesty" plan on Jan. 1, 2010, but the summer of 2009, the State Duma of the Russian Federation for more than five years - until March 1, 2015 - to extend its terms.

But in the village houses "dacha amnesty" does not apply. Accordingly, such objects are now on the need to prepare data sheet, in which ICE may indicate "unauthorized construction, which will lead to a denial of registration. Therefore, the Ministry of Economic Development has prepared a special form for the declaration of such real estate ("RG" published her on Tuesday). It allows engineers to describe the inventory of such objects with the words of the owner: indicate year of construction, materials used - the parameters that do not measure the tape.

"The document gives the right to put on cadastral registration of real estate on which no permission to commissioning, project documentation and technical passport" - the newspaper said.

Legitimize the property under the scheme will be in 2013, but it is quite possible that in some regions of the simplified registration of old houses will introduce even earlier, according to RG Property Economic Development Department Director Andrew Ivakin.

In addition, writes, "RG", holders of unregistered cottages still be forced to pay their taxes. It is about the unrecorded properties that because of this does not fall under taxation. Local authorities complain that they can not collect property taxes, because not even know the owners of these houses. And often the owners do not intentionally put the house on the cadastre and not make out the rights, citing the fact that the house was not completed, and themselves safely live in them for years. Meanwhile, registration of property rights - voluntary work, to force the owner to make this impossible.

Ministry of Economic Development proposes to impose such taxes on mansions, regardless of whether the rights are registered and known whether the owner of the building. Municipal land inspection will reveal similar properties. Then produce a rough market assessments, such as the square of the structure, and add it to the cost of plot, count the land tax. It will have to pay the owner of the allotment.

"Economic Development and Trade has prepared a report with suggestions and submitted it to the government. If the idea is accepted, the Ministry will prepare amendments to legislation", - the "RG" Ivakin.

Most likely, the new scheme will introduce in 2013, when it is planned to launch a unified real estate tax. Ivakin told the newspaper that this will work out a formula for calculating the real estate appraisal and a mechanism to challenge the assessment.

"However, the new scheme is likely not affect owners of small suburban houses. Such construction area of less than 50 square meters should be removed from the proposed scheme," - says Ivakin.

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