A quarter of homes in Ukraine - Khrushchev

28.11.2012 09:06
Articles about real estate | A quarter of homes in Ukraine - Khrushchev Only 7.4% of homes now operating in Ukraine, were built after 1991. The rest of the housing stock, the analyst League expert Andriy Gusel'nikov, much older, and 41.5% of housing were commissioned at all until 1960. As the deputy director of marketing LCD RiverStone Angelina Derevleva, in 2020, come to the end of the 70-year-old life of Khrushchev, built in the 60's of last century. And Khrushchev in Ukraine is 24.1% of the housing stock.

At the same time, according to commercial real estate search engine LUN.ua director Andrew Mima, there is now a surge in supply of apartments on the market for about $ 60 thousand, explained the expert - these are the Khrushchev, who try to sell before they will be ruined. Khrushchev offers to buy every day becomes more and more, and want to buy a house - less.

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Recall that in March the chief architect of Kiev Sergey Tselovalnik reported that in 2012, could begin a pilot project for the reconstruction of Khrushchev in Kiev. The first can be rebuilt Khrushchev on the street. Tupolev.
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