A private investor, making his estate should be able to assume

20.10.2010 16:28
Articles about real estate | A private investor, making his estate should be able to assume For a private investor who plans to invest in real estate, it is extremely important to know when to go to market with the purchase of an apartment and when to get rid of it.

In the pre-crisis years, many St. Petersburg earned on housing investment good money, but quite a few apartments stuck in limbo, unable to find buyers until now.

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True, the money invested in them, though not disappeared entirely, but the price per square meter for more than two years has decreased by at least 23%. But to make up for lost, takes a long time. In addition, it provided that the state policy in the field of construction in the near future will not change, but home prices will rise, as before. Hope for the past while, incidentally, has no well founded

However, one way or another, the housing market is recovering from the crisis not only in our country but also abroad, where after some time the Russians, too, will have the opportunity to invest in real estate. To understand some of the real estate markets to send money, it is necessary to analyze their current yield. The subject of investment in our region can be not only housing, but also street retail, construction of garage complexes, campgrounds, motels and more.

Who used to regularly meet with research consulting firms, already knows that in countries where the decline has been the most profound, recovery has not yet begun and will be longer. This, for example, Bulgaria, Latvia, Estonia, Lithuania, USA. No matter the case and in the Czech Republic, Spain, Slovakia, Italy and Denmark. From this list could be excluded, and Russia.

So, how to determine the current yield of the object investor who does not have deep economic knowledge? Yield - the percentage amount that can be earned by renting this space for hire, and direct cost of a given area (apartments, motel, garages, etc.). For example, if the apartment is worth 1.5 million rubles, and brings 150 thousand rubles - 12 500 rubles per month. - In the form of an annuity, the yield is 10%.

Accordingly apartment valued at 10 million rubles for her to provide investors with returns in the same 10%, should give his master 1 million rubles for an annuity. Which is impossible, since the employer would have to pay monthly more than 83 thousand rubles, but these rich clients in St. Petersburg, a little bit. In addition, the apartments at a rent rate can be idle for several months in anticipation of the employer.

It is therefore understandable that the cheapest apartment will give greater returns than expensive. Especially because, according to experts ARIN, the average price for 1-room apartment now ranges from 17 thousand rubles per month., .2-Room - from 18 thousand rubles per month., 3-room - 20 thousand rubles. / mo. That is 10% of income for one-bedroom apartment - no limit.

Depending on the level of profitability can be defined as the estimate of real estate today and what will be the further dynamics. If the yield is low, it means that the apartment is now unprofitable to buy, because subsequent drop in demand and price levels. And vice versa: high yield demand will grow and prices after him.

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