A new wave of relocations for the city

20.10.2010 07:20
A new wave of relocations for the city When the fifth family of my inner circle said about the upcoming move in the near suburbs, I am puzzled. That is something I do not understand in this life, or my friends know something about what I do not guess. Or maybe it's time I think about moving, but then soon in Moscow no one will be ... Anyway, the trend is planned. The middle class is clearly moved after the oligarchy: the capital in the prestigious suburb. Why? What is so attractive "village" life?

With these questions, I stuck to longtime friend and former colleague, just the other day "mahnuvshemu not looking" its a decent apartment within the Third Ring in townhouse near Zelenograd.

Nicholas - quite a successful manager middling, working in a major Russian company with a good patch and annual bonuses. But no mogul. And do not even rich. So middling. And one - got almost his own house.

Townhouse, of course, this is not an estate. It is rather an intermediate step between its own building on a huge plot and a classic apartment building. There is an illusion of independence and separateness: a personal login, personal boiler room, two or three floors and all of its "(no one over your head is not stomping and tapping the bottom, you're too shumish). Even the plot is. Nothing that is 2-3 acres, even the garden does not razvedesh. On the other hand, you still live in a group, with neighbors, to whom we can always ask for help.

As a rule, townhouses, built towns, so there are all the necessary infrastructure: shops, sports clubs, sometimes even schools. In other words: if you want - you are alone, do not want to - go to the people who are just around the corner.

So theoretically, I understand Kohl. In addition, more and fresh air, natural beauty and other amenities of suburban life. Uh-oh, I would have not given up ... but I always thought my house - it's insanely expensive and I can not afford. I'll try to bring a new villager to clean water.

"Frankly, the cost of your small-sized" treshki "will last the whole house in two and a half stories?" Nick looks down dale and begins to "shoot up": "In fact, this past summer it was possible to change a flat in Moscow townhouse apartment 150-170 . m. Now such proposals do not. But there are all sorts of discounts if you pay in installments is not, and all at once (typically 5-10%) have shares lure buyers: for example, I was the first buyer in a block of 5 sessions and receive a discount of about 3 million rubles.. " - "Wow skidochka" - "In fact, sellers that just do not go now, to implement the already constructed or under construction: the market is a cold, so it pays to search the Internet pertinent suggestions, you can not find such discounts. - A direct exchange is nothing? So you do not want to mess with the sale! "-" I did not find such options, but companies provide their realtors that your apartment and help implement and document all gather. I really have done without them: do not even want to lose 3-4% of the purchase price, which take realtors. And so I could barely fit in the estimates.

"Wait a minute, and you've been buying a house I bet" naked ", without finishing? This is also how much more should be invested in the interior? Even if the price of the apartment is approximately equal to the price at home, thousands more will have to spend 70-80 dollars! "-" Well, something like this. As we move into town house for my mother, who can no longer live alone, she agreed to sell her apartment: the money and go to the finish and furnishings. In principle, all communications are routed to the home and partly in the house, boiler house in a working state, so that does not need to invest as much as building a house. But given the fact that it is necessary to beat two bathrooms, four bedrooms, living room, dining room, kitchen and hallway - she know the costs are enormous. But all will be spacious: we select the children in the room, her mother a separate bedroom downstairs - it does not overpower the stairs, my wife and will be on a separate bedroom - have long dreamed of. And there will still be a common room where we get together. All are very happy. "

"Yeah, I'll see you'll be glad when half your salary will go to the utilities in the Whoppers! My friends homeowners complain that the 15-20 thousand rubles. Monthly goes only for heating and electricity. And all the damage you will eliminate at its own expense. About this you think? "- I tried to reason with each other. Maybe it's me talking black envy?

"Utilities - a trifle, yet the same arrangement for the settlement to pay for cleaning the tracks in the winter for planting in the summer, so that the cost, yes, significant. But you know, we have, and so on rent, electricity and phones in two apartments at least a dozen a month "flew" in Moscow. So I am ready for such sacrifices. "

"So, wait a second, and you're at work do not plan to travel more? A child in school? Or do they have you as a present landowner, will be taught at home? "-" Why at home? Near the village has a school, not some rural, and almost elite: there around some cottage settlements, so that she know what contingent. If you do not like it, it will be possible to carry Zelenogradsk school - too close. "

"And the work you will leave in the evening, as I understand it?" - Sarcastically asked me, knowing full well that such a tube on Leningradki. "The question, of course, complicated. Maybe I will go by car to the train, and there already to Moscow. My office is next to the station. Or maybe build a still understudy Leningrad highway, and will be easier to get. "

At the thought of regular visits to the trains, especially in winter, made me wince: there could be no fresh air will not want to, and even their own home will not be happy - well, I do not like public transport. No, perhaps I will wait for the resettlement of the village, yet even some of his friends in the capital remained.
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