A new type of fraud with housing

06.11.2010 18:58
The high cost of housing and the desire to save money - these are two reasons and both components of all forms and methods of fraud on the market. At a time of crisis crooks have gone into the shadows, but now experts say a sharp new surge in the use of modern technology and old psychology.

Scammers offering wishing to sell or rent housing to people contacts to find potential buyers or tenants by sending an SMS to short number of mobile phone operator, have appeared in the housing market in Moscow, said in a press release DOKI.

As pointed out by realtors, usually victims of fraud are those who have posted information on its intention to sell or rent an apartment on public Internet portals and service to find apartments and houses. Moreover, similar in nature and very varied in form sms-proposals received, and agents working in the real estate market. For example, in SMS text says that you get contact info want to buy or rent an apartment, if you send a message to the number. For sending a SMS-message subscriber may withdraw up to 150 rubles, experts say DOKI. But no information about potential buyers or tenants, and no one to send messages so far and could not wait. Scam like and shallow, but due to the magnitude of wanting to quickly and cheaply get the information it has already boomed and, accordingly, the monetary dimension.

"Con artists play on the psychology of sellers and realtors who are willing to believe anything, just be to sell the apartment. We strongly recommend that upon receipt of such messages do not go in the wake of fraud and contact the police and security services of mobile operators ", - underlines zamgeneralnogo director of real estate agents Oleg Seregin, noting that all realtors today are urging those who are looking for the other side transaction in the housing market, be careful and not to deploy open access number of your cellular phone.

However, mobile phone messages - it is certainly not the only way to bamboozle the unsuspecting citizen, anxious search for cheap housing options.

The scheme of one of the most popular ways of deception lies in the fact that in the ad (usually in a posting on the porches of homes or shelters Transport) published a fantastically profitable offer: for example, an apartment for rent at 3-5 thousand rubles cheaper than market price. Petitioner said that the apartment is, unfortunately, surrendered, but there are many similar options. For selection of the desired option is recommended to drive to the office where the candidate has to "catch" this hook-bait, give your hands a list of "interesting apartments. Having arrived, the man discovers that his one free list is not going to give, and for the contract to provide "information services" it will have to fork out for 1-3 thousand rubles. But that's not all. In the resulting list of all apartments will have either surrendered or offered at a very real market prices, far from the original promises.

Catch such cheaters is meaningless - a signed contract there is no word that the candidate withdraw his favorable housing, and "information service" and so he granted.

Another common method today - it is a scam with a down payment for the chosen apartment. The sum of the sale of housing is usually about 1-3%, which may already be tens of thousands of dollars. Deception is that the property owners can impersonate anyone, but in any case, this person does not have de jure no reason to call himself the owner. These just disappear, having received an advance. Search for fraud, as they say in the Interior Ministry, engaged in "through the stump-deck", are rare, and then - by accident or clear "tip." Similar cases occur in the lease - there is sometimes scammers "rent" an apartment that rented for a month, 10-15 immediately removed.

A little more rare cases - is the sale of housing. The real deal - an operation far more complex than simply receiving an advance. There are many documents, and there are not only "paper", but also in databases of various government agencies - the police passport offices, DEZov, the Federal Registration Service. Organize such a scam to order more difficult, but "fat" is many times higher.

In general, almost all methods of fraud are based on the stunningly lucrative offer that is hard to abstain and not to "try their luck." So that the ability to think appropriate clean off. The most common fraud - is the sale of apartments in new buildings that are either being completed or delivered, but the apartments are no certificates of title.

Irina Kotova, Director of Marketing "Hirsch", draws attention to the fact that the market for new construction in general has developed quite a paradoxical situation: the authorities decided to protect the citizens, which wrote that already became a famous 214-th law on equity participation. " But it prescribed rules were so stringent that the developers have massively to avoid it - it's not that hard, you just call the customer signed a contract as something else. As a result, this segment has become very accessible to fraudsters, posing as "dealers" or "exclusive sales" of a large and reputable builder.

Photo: Evelyn Gigul / VIEW
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