A new approach to assessing country sites can make life difficult in the Leningrad region

28.12.2010 12:30
Articles about real estate | A new approach to assessing country sites can make life difficult in the Leningrad region Government of Leningrad region adopted the recommendations according to the cadastral value of land area. Since January 1, the cost will increase an average of two and a half times.

A few days before the New year, officials of the regional government legislated an analysis of market prices for land - in the region as a whole cadastral value of the land, which is calculated on the basis of land tax, has changed significantly. Assessment, which was carried out one of the Moscow-based companies, consistent with the district administration Rosreestra and approve the recommendations from the mean value of specific indicators of the cadastral value of land (UPKS), located on former agricultural lands, the government recommended that the municipal council of Leningrad region.

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At the same time as the chairman of the Committee of State Property Management (Kuga) of the Leningrad Region, the Vice-Governor Alexander Drozdenko, the recommendations include the average UPKS for each of the districts.

- We have developed recommendations for each of the areas the size of the tax rate on land. They can be reduced from 0,1 to 0,24, depending on the area. Thus, the amount of the tax increase only twenty per cent - the owners of the six hectare on average, instead of five hundred rubles a year will pay six hundred, - says the vice-governor.

So if in the prestigious Vyborg, it is 535 rubles, or in a remote Tikhvinskoe - 78 rubles. The average value of the region is 276, 69 rubles, which is two and a half times greater than those that operated in the region since 2005. Reduce the rate of land tax in his district, according to an expert, have the right to municipal authorities.

It turns out that now "extreme" for the value of taxes become municipalities areas, but there is one "but" - the budgets of municipalities have already adopted and the only option to adjust the rates - an afterthought. If this does not happen, "cottagers" have to pay up to two and a half thousand rubles for a hundred. True, the first tax receipts from the new tax amount will be issued cottagers only a year later - in 2012. In a similar situation recently, were the inhabitants of St. Petersburg, where in December they began to come a receipt for payment of heat provided to them last winter.

However, the official said inflexibility of federal law on which the house in the elite settlements or as they are officially called - suburban nonprofit partnerships (NAM) - taxed as ordinary gardening plots.

- The Government of the Leningrad region has in the past two years, came out with a proposal to the federal authorities about the differentiation of land tax. The decision on the same tax gardening and DNP was taken in the nineties, when the land is made available to people of one social level - says Drozdenko. Now the situation has changed.

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