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The development of the property market in 2008 - 2009 affected several key factors. Typically the events of today are laid over the years, sometimes decades. To understand the internal logic of any event must correctly understand the significance of the object of study.

Ukrainian market housing - is a normal commodity market for His appearance in this country can be regarded as the emergence of a new product. In astrology, Saturn represents the estate, and all new - a symbol of Uranus. Therefore cycle Saturn - Uranus, suitable for describing the history of the Ukrainian market.

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The situation on the Ukrainian market housing provides several periods of movement and development of the market, which can be traced through the cycle Saturn - Uranus.

In my opinion cycle Saturn - Uranus is the best characterized, the situation is because the statistics and analysis of the real estate market in Ukraine demonstrated the interconnection and interdependence of demand and prices, in other words, the demand for real estate (Saturn) depends on the material support of the population (Uranium - steward II houses in the horoscope of Ukraine).

1988 - Connection of Saturn and Uranus - founded a new cycle on the aspect - semisextile Uranus with Saturn, 1992 - 1993 in Ukraine created and shaped the market, real estate. This is the period when the country has a new product, real estate, - he began to grow in value as demand for housing, of course, increased. Increased demand is also going through the process of inflation, the emergence of new high in the Ukraine capital, and development of the shadow economy. Little by little, until 1996, real estate prices rose at the same time increasing the number of transactions related to real estate.

1997 - Uranus sextile with Saturn. By this time there was a certain saturation of the market the product concerned, ie when the majority of those who wanted and had the opportunity to buy it, already purchased, price stabilization, and came to the end of 1998 the prices started to decline, falling prices accompanied by a gradual decrease in the number of sales in the real estate market. The square of Uranus to Saturn - which began in June 1999 and lasted to April 2001 coincided with a period of rapid decline in prices, real estate, on average fell by a third and then doubled.

July 2002 - May 2004 Uranus trine with Saturn. Reducing the demand for more than a year led to a new pricing policy, as a result of lower prices - this increase in demand. Since the decline in prices has made housing (especially the cheapest of its categories) available for new per-income population, increasing demand virtually revived the price level, which took place prior to their rapid decline.

Despite the summer months significantly increased demand on the market of cheap buildings. At the same time in July for the first time has been a trend to an increase in demand for expensive housing. Consumers have become more selective in choosing an apartment. Over 4 years most of the real estate market transactions carried out buyers who view their transaction as an investment (approximately 50% of buyers of real estate market).

September 2008 - the opposition of Saturn and Uranus - the pace of sales began to decline since January 2008, and since the first days of October on the market Property price collapse occurred. In the summer of banks have reduced the number of loans, have tightened requirements, and then ceased altogether to extradite them. However, the main cause of falling demand and prices for real estate have had instability in the currency market, financial and credit crisis and political instability in Ukraine.

April - August 2009 can be expected to revive the property market. Prices will be significantly reduced, the rate of sales will stay low.

Jump in demand and prices for apartments in the Ukrainian real estate market can be expected by the end of the end of October - early November 2009. Prices will rise, but will be predictable.

September 2010 - leaves the opposition between Uranus and Saturn. After stabilization of the currency market, which, of course, is impossible without political stability, most likely stabilize and the housing market. But all these processes can be delayed almost two years. Therefore, this stabilization (and perhaps the beginning of a new period in the real estate market) will occur no earlier than 2016.

January 2016 Mezhuyev trine Uranus and Saturn - significantly increase the pace of sales of real estate. Will increase the role of mortgage lending. Banking services expand. Chances cheapening of credit resources, while tightening the conditions for the debt. Prices are within reason: without the sharp ups and downs. In addition, there will be differentiation rate of price change in different market sectors.

This article is about the statistics, ie analysis of what has already happened, on forecasts for будующее? - This is the case every single person: "To believe or not believe." But always good to remember that everything in life repeats itself and this is where it was.

Astropsychological Karabutova Katerina (21 January 2009)
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